October Owl Crate – Once Upon A Dream (SPOILERS!!!)

Got my first ever Owl Crate in yesterday. Excuse the bad quality of the first picture. My son was just as excited as me!

The first thing that I got out of this Owl Crate was a Peter Pan beanie! I don’t wear hats but I’m in love! I may wear it today around the house just because I can. The beanie is made by Whosits and Whatsits.

My son photobombed again. The next thing I saw was a bracelet! Which is awesome. I’m hoping to wear it Saturday when I go to see my Great Grandma. In case you haven’t realized, I don’t get out often. This bracelet is inspired by Sleeping Beauty and exclusive to Owl Crate. It is made by The Geeky Cauldron.

A nice little pin that will be going on my vest at work!

Probably my favorite piece of this crate is this! It’s a giant paperclip bookmark! Aside from my son taking it out every 5 minutes, I adore this! It’s so cute and handmade by My Heart My Tribe. There are several different styles and I happened to get the blue one which I love!

I’m going to use this handy little thing at work! Anytime I need to make note of something, I’m going to have my handy dandy notebook (which is slickly disguised as a passport)! This lovely little piece of stationary is made by the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.

Not going to lie, I know nothing about this. I only know it’s a bookmark based off, what I’m gathering as, the New World Series by Jennifer Kay Wilson. I could be wrong.

And last but definitely not least, the book! This book is titled Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. From what I gathered, it’s about a girl that lives in Brooklyn, NY but it’s not the Brooklyn we know and (sometimes) love. There’s a store owner who kills people for shoplifting or just because he feels like it. This follows a girl named Vassa trying to, I guess, put him in his place. I’m intrigued by this book and I can’t wait to read it!
Let me know what you thought about this months Owl Crate! I love it especially since it’s my first! If I like next months also, I’m going for the year subscription!
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