February 2017 TBR

I have a pretty ambitious TBR for February especially since it’s the shortest month of the year. I figure that I can hope to listen to a couple of these on audio and another I think will be a quick one day read, maybe two. But here is the list of books that I plan on reading in February. If you would like more information, I will be linking the GoodReads pages for each book if you click the name, the author’s website will be linked on the author’s name, and the Book Depository page will be linked on the picture! Hope you all enjoy and let me know if you plan on reading any of these books or if you have already read them! Please, please, please, no spoilers.

So I’ll start this out with the two most surprising books. If you have seen my list of series that I’ve started but haven’t finished, you’ll know that I haven’t read this series yet, which is completely shocking to even me! The two books from this series that I plan on reading this month are Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban both by JK Rowling. I’m sure that almost everyone who reads knows what this book series is about. It’s about a boy named Harry Potter who suddenly finds out he’s a wizard and the fight against the man who killed his father. That’s the main gist of it but there is so much more to this series and I’m so glad I’m finally getting around to reading it.

I made a resolution that I would read a classic a month this year and this next book is part of that resolution. I plan on reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This is a book about a girl during WWII that begins stealing books to read and sharing the stories with the people around her, including the Jewish man that her foster family is hiding in their basement. I’ve heard great things about this story and I can’t wait to dive into this.

And of course the last books are all romances. The first I figured would be a quick little read and that’s Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. Due to the fact that I think Morgan Matson’s books are always quick reads for me and that there seem to be a lot of different types of media in here, I think it’ll go by quick. This book is about Amy and Roger, obviously, who end up having to bring drive Amy’s car across the country after her mother moves. And of course things don’t go as planned and there’s a little romance that goes on.

The next book will also help fulfill one of my diverse books for the challenge I’m doing. It’s Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst. I got this book in my December OwlCrate and I couldn’t have been happier. This is a story about a princess who is betrothed to be married to a prince. Problem one, she has magical powers that the country said prince lives in is completely against. Problem two, she ends up falling in love with his sister.
Of Fire and Stars.jpg

The last book that I would like to read came in January’s OwlCrate. And that book is RoseBlood by AG Howard. This is a retelling of Phantom of the Opera. This is a story about a girl who is shipped off to a school for gifted singers like herself. But upon arriving there, she meets the phantom said to haunt the school and ends up falling in love despite the plans that the phantom may have for her.



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