KDrama First Thoughts: Uncontrollably Fond


I decided to start watching Uncontrollably Fond starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy. I linked each of the DramaWiki pages under the title and their names. I’ve seen three episodes so far and as I’m typing this, I’m starting the fourth.

I don’t usually read the synopsis to a drama before I start watching it so I wasn’t too sure what I was getting into when I started watching this. From what I have learned so far, this is a story of a dying celebrity meeting with a girl that he used to date. We are unsure what their backgrounds are like or what their relationship really was.

Throughout the show, we flashback to them in high school and then the two meeting up again four years later. With the flashbacks, it’s tough to tell where in their storyline we are exactly but it becomes known shortly after it starts so that’s not too much of a big deal.

I know a lot of people don’t like Suzy’s acting but I don’t mind it. I feel like it fits this roll fairly well. Woo Bin’s roles are all generally the same for what I’ve seen. This one fits that also. But, I feel like we are getting such a deeper story into his character this time around since he’s a main character. I have seen him in Heirs and I was disappointed that he was only a side character. I’m glad he got a lead role in this drama and we get to not only see his acting as a lead role but also we get to hear his singing, which I definitely need more of in my life.

Let me tell you, Kim Woo Bin, you sir are one handsome man.

Either way, in the end, I’m definitely enjoying this drama and I will be putting a review up when I finish it. Let me know your spoiler free thoughts of this drama! And here are some pictures of Woo Bin from the drama with his chocolate abs!





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