Book Cover US vs Other Editions

I’ve noticed that books have several different editions. So I’m going to look through them on GoodReads for 5 different books and see which are my favorites. I’ll definitely show the US and UK even if I don’t like one but if there is another edition that I like, I’ll share that also! If the book is part of a series, I’m only judging the first one. I’d assume I’d choose the same answer for all but if you’d like for me to do each book from a series, let me know. Also, give suggestions for book covers for me to check out! So let’s just get started!


The first book covers I want to talk about are the Game of Thrones ones! The first is the original, then I own the blue one, and the third is the TV edition. I’m torn on which one I like more. I want to lean toward the TV show one just because it’s got the throne but I think I’ll have to go with the middle. I like the colors on it and it just looks appealing.


The next ones are the Hunger Games covers. There’s the first edition and the movie edition. I by far like the movie edition better. The original is definitely nice and fits the story but I feel in general the movie cover fits the overall series better.


As you can see, the next is Of Fire and Stars. I’m so torn on this one! The second edition is the German version. I think I’ll go with the US version because of the colors! I have yet to read this book but I want to after I finish Harry Potter (If I ever finish The 100).


If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you can probably guess my favorite. Definitely the middle. The first is the original, middle is the OwlCrate version, and the last is the UK version. I’m torn on how I feel about the UK edition. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. But the OwlCrate edition is by far my favorite even though I love the original also.


I decided to leave Harry Potter for last. I know the last is the Kindle version, I believe the first is the original US edition, and I believe the last is the 15th anniversary UK edition. I absolutely hate the original US edition. I don’t like the artwork at all. I love the middle one better. Overall in the series, I like the middle ones. I feel if I were to own it, I would want to own a hardcover of the Kindle edition. I feel that would look awesome on my shelves.

Thank you so much for reading through this and let me know which of these covers you like the best!

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