Manga/Anime Fridays: Manga Update

I couldn’t think of anything to post other than an update! Maybe I’ll start doing some book tags strictly with manga. But that’s another thing.


I’ve been rereading Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu. I’m on chapter 16 which is in volume 4. So I have gotten a good chunk read. I usually try to read it while I’m trying to go put my son down for a nap or when I’m in the car. I still love this manga. The characters are currently 12 years old but it’s a more mature subject matter.

The main male, Takuma, has a heart issue which means that the doctors don’t think he’ll make it to his 20th birthday. The main girl, Mayu, is the daughter of Takuma’s doctor. They’ve been friends since they were both children and Takuma was in the hospital still. He was able to leave so he could go to school but even then, he can’t do anything to deal with gym or activity like that.

I’m enjoying this just like I did the first time around. I’m laughing and getting frustrated just like I did the first time around. I understand why the characters are acting the way they are even if I would like for them to act differently.

I’ll do a full review once I finish this manga completely. I do wish I could buy an English copy of this but they only have them in Japanese.

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