Funko Collection 1 – 3/8/17

I apologize that this post is going up later than normal. I was going to do my most anticipated books being released in March but I decided that it’s a little late in the month for that so I’ll just do my Pop collection! I don’t have too many Funko Pops but I have enough to make this semi-relevant.

I’ll tell you what it is, post a picture, and a couple links where you can purchase each of them (all will be Amazon except exclusives). Photos belong to me, credit me if you use them again. Thank you

They will be listed from least favorite to most. It won’t be in perfect order because I can’t ever decide on my favorite few. But I ended up getting a bunch from my mom for Christmas this past year and she just chose random ones. I ended up with a few that I personally never would have bought. But I thank her anyway and of course I display them and still love them because they’re from her!

  1. Dom Toretto from Fast and the Furious
    Amazon – $9.99
  2. Tina Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
    Amazon – $8.85
  3. Ancient One from Doctor Strange
    Amazon – $5.49
  4. Kaecilius from Doctor Strange
    Amazon – $7.99
  5. Doctor Strange from Doctor Strange (Walmart Exclusive)Walmart – $8.78
  6. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter (Mystery Mini)Amazon – $6.99
  7. Daryl Dixon from The Walking DeadAmazon – $14.99
  8. Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead (Black and White)Amazon – $13.68
  9. Trunks from Dragonball ZAmazon – $8.78
  10. Chessur from Alice: Through the Looking GlassAmazon – $8.78
  11. Surfs Up! Batman from the Classic TV SeriesAmazon – $8.42
  12. Deadpool MopeezAmazon – $8.30
  13. Weeping Angel from Doctor WhoAmazon – $9.10
  14. Tenth Doctor Regeneration from Doctor WhoAmazon – $18.95
  15. Tenth Doctor with Hand from Doctor WhoAmazon – $8.33


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