How Has Social Media Affected Books? (Homework Assignment)

Hey guys! I’m back once again! I’m actually posting this on a Saturday, which I normally don’t ever do. For my homework assignment, I had to write about something related to social media. I decided to talk about books. Why? Because books and my son are my life. I figured it’d be easier and make more sense for me to write a post about books and social media since it’s going up on my book blog. So here we go.

Social media has such an impact of everyone’s lives. People don’t usually think about just how much it’s affected things around us. Books are everywhere. When you think about it, the publication process and promotion of the books have changed drastically as social media changed.

How has publishing changed, you may ask? Think about it. How often before eBooks did you see self-published books? It was a lot harder for someone to publish a book without going through a publisher and still have it be productive. Now with websites like WattPad and how easy it is to publish eBooks, pretty much anyone can write a book and publish it.

I view this as both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because that means people who couldn’t afford to go through a publisher or have been rejected several times over, can publish their books. JK Rowling got denied how many times before finally being accepted. Now look at her. She’s one of the most well known authors for several years running and for several many years to come.

But at the same time, anyone can publish. Even people that would need an editor helping them out. Editors can improve a story that the author may not have realized needed improving. How do I know this? Because I’ve used WattPad to “publish” a book of mine. I’ve also gone back and read it and realized how disappointing it is. It was easy to post it online because of social media but the feedback was always good things. I didn’t get any critical reviews on it. That’s not to say that publishing is so easy “a cave man can do it.” Publishing is a hard thing to get through. It’s normally a slow burning process. But it is well worth it in the end.

Now, how has social media affected promoting books? This is an obvious one. I am confident to write this now that I’ve received and read my first ever book that was sent to me by the publisher through another website so I could read it and promote it for her. I loved the book. I wouldn’t have even known it existed if it weren’t for NetGalley. And I heard about NetGalley from other Book Bloggers and people off Instagram and YouTube. I have a review for this book on GoodReads and I’ll be posting a more in depth one here on May 13th.

If it weren’t for social media, I wouldn’t know about half of the books I do. And not to mention, a lot of books that I’ve read recently and adored, I probably wouldn’t have even looked at twice in a bookstore if it weren’t for me hearing wonderful things about it on my social media.

But, I’ve also heard and read some books that I didn’t enjoy like everyone else has. And that disappointment was enhanced because of how much everyone loves the story and I didn’t. So promoting through social media could be a bad thing for some readers and that would bring down the overall rating that the book would receive. But bad reviews are needed in addiction to good ones. I’ll be reviewing the series I mentioned soon.

So, overall, social media has been a wonderful thing for books and the book community. We now have the chance to communicate with people who enjoy and dislike the same books we do. I personally don’t have many friends around me who enjoy reading let alone ones who have read the same books as me. The bookish community is a wonderful and very welcoming community, which is hard to find in today’s world.

I hope you enjoyed this. How has the bookish community affected you and your reading?

Happy Reading!


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