Book Buddyathon Midway Update

As you know if you read my Book Buddyathon TBR then you know that I’m participating in this with Jessica (read her TBR here). She already posted her update so I decided I should probably do mine! I’m not doing nearly as well as she is but that’s perfectly okay. I do have faith.

I have currently started and finished one book, started one, and I’m almost done with one that I started before this readathon started.

The one that I started but haven’t finished is JiuJiu. It’s not too bad of a manga but it’s not the greatest. It’s just average for me. I have a couple chapters left but as of right now, it’s a three star read for me. I should hopefully be done with this today (May 9th).

The book that I started prior to the readathon and still haven’t finished is The Hate U Give. I’m absolutely adoring this book. I haven’t wanted to put it down since I first started reading it. I can already tell you that this will be a five star read for me.

The book that I have started and have since finished is Orange Vol 2. Another five star read for me. I absolutely adored this manga. It’s so freaking adorable and I can’t handle it. I also love how scientific it got at one point. And they explained something that I have a major issue with when it comes to time travel. But I’m glad they pointed it out and explained it.

Overall, I’m not doing too well this readathon but that’s okay. I’m just going to keep reading and hope that I hit all the challenges. I have only two more books that I need to start and finish but they both are quick easy reads. Depending on how early I finish off The Hate U Give and JiuJiu, I should be able to start Blindsided before I go to sleep. It’s only 11:30am currently and this will be going up at 12. I may have lied about finishing The Hate U Give by then but there’s always a chance.

Have you read any of the three books about? Share your thoughts below (without spoilers).

Happy Reading!!!


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