Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Minor Characters

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This week’s T5W is about our top 5 favorite minor characters. I am writing this post later that I had originally planned because I had to think about this one. Minor characters seem to always be so under written. I had a couple pop into my mind right away but I’ll mention those two last! I’m also going to try really hard to stay away from Harry Potter but it’s currently 5:20pm and I have to get in a shower at 7pm for work. So, if you read about a Harry Potter character, then you know I made it to 6:30 without being able to think of anyone else.

I’d like to start off with one that I think would have been a popular answer a while ago but may not be mentioned as much now. That would be Alice from the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. She was always my favorite. I haven’t read the books since I was a very young teen but I was obsessed. So obsessed, that I was roleplaying on Myspace in the Twilight world. But Alice was one of my favorite side characters. I also loved the whole wolf pack but I’ll just mention Alice here. Werewolves were always better than vampires in my eyes. #TeamJacobForLife

(P.s. ignore my tattered copies of these books. They’ve been used until their death, eaten by dogs, and torn by my son)


The next side character I’d like to mention is the Mad Hatter specifically from Heartless by Marissa Meyer. He was such a well built character that I couldn’t help but love him. I enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp movies and loved Mad Hatter there. This just amplified it.


Now, hear me out on this next one. Let me explain before you rip my throat out. Hailey from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Now, I absolutely HATE her character. But, she was so well developed. Her character is so common in the real world. I’m not going to explain why but if you’ve read this book then you understand. I love how well thought out she was. Great job, Angie Thomas. Great job. P.s. If you haven’t read this book. Read it. No ifs ands or buts about it. Just read it.


The second to last character I would like to mention is from Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. I’m not silent about my love for this book and I’m greatly looking forward to the second book in this series (I think it’s going to be a trilogy), Hunting Prince Dracula. But the character I would like to mention is Audrey Rose’s cousin. I can’t think of her name right now. But with Audrey Rose trying to do what she loves in a world that doesn’t think she should be more than just a pretty item to look at, her cousin is supportive of her. Her cousin doesn’t want to do anything but just be a woman who goes to the tea parties. But that doesn’t stop her from supporting Audrey Rose. Which is awesome. All of the reviews seem to overlook her, though.


The last person I would like to mention is the entire minor character cast from the whole ACOTAR series. All of these characters seem to be so well built and thought out. There’s so much backstory behind all of them and you can tell that Sarah J Maas worked very hard on building this world and expressing how hard she did work on it. I love when every character is as thought out as these ones are. And even if you originally think they aren’t, later in the series, that may change. I’m almost halfway through ACOWAR and I’m loving that I’m still learning new things about character that were just glossed over in the previous books.


Well, that’s about it! I managed to get through without mentioning Harry Potter so special shoutout to the Harry Potter minor characters!


Who is your favorite minor character in a book?

Happy Reading!


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    1. Can we just have a book in her POV. Maybe written by someone else 😂 Maybe we’ll get better insight on her relationship with Jasper.

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Haha. Yeah. I mean, I enjoyed her character when I first read and loved the books. Now that I’m an adult, I just don’t like her character anymore. But that’s okay. I love these books because of the nostalgia.


      2. That’s true. I loved everything Twilight when the first movie came out. But I was WAY over that before Breaking Dawn Pt 1 was even out. I guess I was more analytical then about everything and found better stuff. But I still love the series for it’s nostalgia factor.


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