Book Haul Revisit: November 2016

I absolutely adore watching these revisits so last month, I started doing them myself. I originally made a plan to read whatever I hadn’t yet in the month lining up with me doing these, if that makes sense. But I didn’t read any that I was supposed to from last month. I’m writing this on May 25th so there’s still a chance I can make it through one or two. But here’s where I am so far.

In the month of May, I did my revisit for October 2016. In that haul, I had 9 books. I had read 6 of them. The three I had left were Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter, Incarnate by Jodi Meadows, and Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. I haven’t picked up any of them yet.

I have been debating unhauling Vassa in the Night, though. The premise doesn’t sound appealing to me and I haven’t really heard the best things about it. I’m still debating it and if you’ve read it and think I should give it a shot, let me know!

I plan on picking up Incarnate for part of Emojiathon so I will probably be holding off on that one until next month. And as for Library of Souls, I wasn’t really interested in Hollow City so I may just listen to the audiobook for Library of Souls.

So in addition to those two, let us get into the books I got in November of 2016.

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas: Read 5/5

2. I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandi Nelson: Unread

3. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson: Read ?/5

4. Kissed by Cameron Dokey: Unread

5. The Outsiders by SE Hinton: Read 5/5

6. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickins: Unread

7. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey: Unread

8. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Read 4/5

9. Heartless by Marissa Meyer: Read 5/5

Out of the 9 books I got in November, I read 5 of them. That leaves 4 books in addition to the other two. But I absolutely won’t be reading The 5th Wave. I have a plan of unhauling this book. 

So let’s get this straight. I have 7 total books that I haven’t read that I purchased in October and November. I plan on unhauling 2 of them, so I’m down to needing to read 5. I don’t think I’ll get to A Tale of Two Cities anytime soon so I’m down to 4.

And here’s my plan for tackling those 4:


I’ve already started this book so I plan on just finishing it. I’m currently 18% done (68 pgs). I couldn’t get into this book the first time that I sat down and read it. I’m hoping to get farther. If I still can’t get into it when I get to 50%, then I’ll put it down and probably unhaul it.

Library of Souls

I plan on listening to this on audio. I wasn’t really into the first two. They were fine, but I just didn’t love them like everyone else seems to. I’ll finish the series, though.

I’ll Give You The Sun

I’ll definitely read this. I have wanted to read this, obviously. I just haven’t really had the motivation to pick it up. So I’ll make sure to do that soon!


I’m so unsure about this. I’ll pick it up but same as Incarnate, I have started it but I wasn’t able to get into it. If I get through one of the stories and don’t enjoy it, I’ll probably put it down for a while. But I don’t think I’ll unhaul it just yet.

So I’ll be adding those four books to my June TBR and we’ll see how that goes. Have you read any of the books mentioned in this haul revisit? What were your thoughts?

Happy Reading!


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