Try A Chapter Tag – OwlCrate Edition

So, I have a habit of getting books from OwlCrate and not reading them. I’m horrible about this. I need to get better. So, I decided to help out with that, I’m going to do the Try A Chapter tag. I’m not sure who started this tag, but I would like to thank them. This is going to be so helpful!

I’m changing it up a bit and saying that as of right now, I’m not going to unhaul any of these books just yet. I like to give books at least 100pgs before I DNF them but like to make it until at least halfway. There are certain instances that I’ll DNF early but I don’t forsee these books having that issue as it’s mainly an issue I have with New Adult books.

I’ve already started a lot of these books. If I have, I’ll read a chapter wherever I am in the book. And I’ll let you know where I am so you know if I’ve already read the first chapter or not.

I’m currently starting this post on June 6th. I’m giving myself enough time to go through and read all of them because there’s a lot of books here. I’ll put the date I write the paragraph(s) after then “end” for that paragraph(s) so you can keep track of everything.

Let’s get into this!

Three Dark Crown by Kendare Blake


I did not get this in an OwlCrate but I do own it and haven’t read it so I’m counting it. That and because I keep thinking I got it from OwlCrate but I have to keep reminding myself I didn’t.

I’m currently on page 43 which was the beginning of Chapter 3. (June 6)

I finally got to read this chapter and I don’t know. It lost my interest several times. It should have been a good chapter but I just wasn’t into it. I’ve heard great things about the characters of this book. The sisters specifically. Usually you choose a side when it comes to stories like this but I’ve heard that you like all three sisters. We’ll see. (June 16)

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter


I got this book in October’s OwlCrate. I’m currently on page 34, which is part way through chapter 2. So I’ll finish chapter 2 and depending on how it is will decide if I read chapter 3. I’ll update after I read it! (June 6)

I finished chapter 2 of this. It wasn’t too bad. I want to continue reading. I’m curious what’s going to happen. (June 18)

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst


I got this book in December! I’m on chapter 3. So I’ll read chapter 3 and get back to you guys! (June 6)

I’d have to say, of the three that I’ve read so far, this is the one I’m most interested in. I finished chapter 3 and I wanted to continue. Not spoiling anything, I’m interested to see what happened at the end. And I’d also like to see what happens with everything else mentioned in this chapter. (June 18)

Roseblood by AG Howard


I got this book in January! I’m currently on chapter 2 (I told you I started a lot of them). I’ll read chapter 2 and get back to you! (June 6)

Nothing too interesting happened during chapter 2. We got a better look into her past and the relationship between the main character and her mom. I plan on continuing, though. (June 18)

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Finally! One I haven’t started. I got this one in February. I’ll read chapter 1 and return! (June 6)

This one was interesting. I ended up reading 2 chapters because the first was just short letters. But the second was interesting. Definitely caught my attention and I’m interested in continuing. (June 18)

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


I got this one in March. I haven’t started this one either! So, you know the drill. (June 6)

This was interesting. I really like the main character. She’s interesting. I definitely look forward to finishing this book and moving onto the next. (June 19)

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli


I got this one April! I decided to include a photo of Eliza and Her Monsters and Upside because Eliza is the last book I recieved from OwlCrate but I have since finished it. I haven’t started Upside, though. I plan on reading it in June and by the time this goes up, I may have already done so. (June 6)

I am definitely looking forward to continuing this book. It caught my interest. I am interested in who she is going to fall in love with. (June 19)

I hope that you enjoyed this tag! Have you read any of these books and if so, what are your spoiler-free thoughts?

Happy Reading!


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