Top 5 Hamilton Songs

Top 5 Hamilton Songs

This week’s T5W was another one that I didn’t feel like doing. But I wanted to do a top 5 post so I decided to talk about something I adore, Hamilton. I absolutely adore this musical.

This is not in any particular order. Of course I love all of the songs but these are just the top 5 that I adore more than the rest.


This is the first song that I listened to completely from Hamilton. I absolutely fell in love at that moment. This song is so catchy. It makes me want to sing along every single time.

It’s Quiet Uptown

This song kills me every time I listen to it. As a mother, I couldn’t imagine what they were going through with Philip. I cry every time this song comes on.

Say No To This

This one is a horrible story behind the song. But it’s so dang catchy!

The Schuyler Sisters

As most of these songs, it’s catchy. It’s motivational and, come on. The “sisters” are all wonderful singers.

Dear Theodosia

Another heart wrencher. I feel like the Working With Lemons video explains it perfectly. I recommend checking it out!

That’s about it. I hope you enjoyed! What are some of your favorite songs from Hamilton? And if you haven’t listened to them, do it and let me know your favorite musicals!

Happy Reading!


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    1. I cried when I watched Working With Lemons’ video. I cried so hard. I think it hit me because my son is only 2 and it’s just perfect.

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    1. I think the only songs I have at the bottom of my list are the ones with the King. And they aren’t even bad. I just like them the least of all of the songs. I adore both of those. It was so hard to narrow this down to 5. It was more or less what I was feeling in the day.

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      1. I know what you mean about the King’s songs. When they first come on, my finger twitches toward the skip button, but before I get there I’m singing, ‘da da da da da!’

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      2. They are great villain songs. But I think Lin’s villain songs are always a little strange. Like Shiny in Moana is another that takes a few listens before you’re singing along 😂

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      3. My favorite on that is Kelly Clarkson’s cover of It’s Quiet Uptown. Made me wanna cry my little heart out.

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  1. I love ‘Wait for It’ and ‘Satisfied.’ But hands down, ‘Yorktown’ and ‘Room Where It Happens’ were my FAVORITE performances when I saw the Hamiltour live in San Francisco!! But honestly, all Hamilton songs are amazing. We can all agree on that.



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