Weekly Wrap Up 24-28

I’m going to do this a day early just because I don’t forsee me doing much today. So I’m writing this on the 28th.

You can go check out my full post here, but I’m going to go through and say what I’ve completed from each goal then what I did outside of that. Then I’ll finish up with what I didn’t end up doing.

TV Shows

  • I did end up watching some Doctor Who. I realized that I’d seen most of season 8 so I only had to watch the few episodes I hadn’t seen or I didn’t remember. I’m now on season 9.
  • I also watched this past week’s episode of Game of Thrones and loved it. My only problem is that I feel like it ended abruptly. Like, I was watching it and suddenly it was the credits. It was a finished scene, but I feel like the episode flew by. There was plenty of action, in my opinion. I don’t know what happened to make it seem so short.


  • I finshed reading A List of Cages and absolutely adored it.
  • I didn’t finish the ARC I was reading but I need to check back because I believe that it’s a book that was released last August not this upcoming one.
  • I started reading Frostbite but only got to chapter 2. It definitely started out with action and I love that.


All of my posts went up and went up on time. The only thing different was that I won’t be doing my weekly wrap up Sunday, it’s obviously up now.

I’ll be writing a spoiler-free review for A List of Cages and that should be going up tomorrow.


  • I started to take care of my financial aid. There’s still some stuff I need to do.
  • I took a look at what I needed for schooling but I haven’t purchased anything because what I saw was a textbook and it wasn’t my official book list so I didn’t want to get the wrong thing. I’ll look back at a later date.


  • I didn’t end up feeling any better about my work this week. If anything, I feel worse because of today and yesterday. Yesterday, I didn’t completely finish everything I needed to. I got the important parts done but not everything I was supposed to do. It was a larger amount of work and I was working alone (usually with this amount there’s two people doing it) so I’m not too worried. But it does get to me when I don’t finish my work, no matter the amount.
  • I did a thing. I ended up applying for a part time job. And that job would be at Barnes and Noble. It’s been a life long dream of mine to work at a bookstore and this would be my chance.


  • Nope. Just nope. I have not written a thing this week. No schedule. Nothing. I’m working on getting my sleep schedule on track before I try to add in time for writing.

How did you do for your weekly goals?

Stay tuned for Sunday for next week’s goals.

 Happy Reading, Writing, Watching!


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    1. Oh man! I’m sorry! I have really bad double vision. But I’ve gotten used to it so I can manage to read and write. But after a while of blogging, I start getting headaches. I’m surprised I’m still able to right now.



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