Weekly Goals July 30-Aug 5

Hi guys!


I love Doctor Who gifs. That is all.

Alright, so my birthday is on the 31st of July and I will finally be 22. I don’t plan on doing anything for my birthday, though. I work the night before and the night of so…


  • This week Readathin starts! I’m so excited. Go check out my announcement post if you missed it here. Also, Unhaulathon starts. So I’m going to get right into Blindsided right on the first. I’d like to finish Frostbite before that (I’m writing this on the 28th so I may be done with it by the time this goes up).
  • I have decided to put myself on a book buying ban at least for August and September but the goal is for the rest of the year. The only books I will allow myself to buy are the books for Java and the Librarians and the Random Book Monthly Book Club. Unless I end up doing this next goal.
  • I would like to get a library card to my local library. I’m going to blame my anxiety for the reasoning why I haven’t gotten a library card. My mom was bad about getting us cards, letting us take out books, then forgetting to bring us to bring them back. So I always get anxious at libraries that they’ll find out and charge me an outrageous amount. But now that my name has changed, maybe I have nothing to worry about. I know I’m irrational.
  • Back to actual reading goals, I want to finish Blindsided and get into the next book. Seriously, though. If you want to buddy read any of the books I will be reading, please do it with me. I need the motivation to actually read these books. My TBR will be up tomorrow, so get back to me!
  • I will continue to do hauls every month, but they will mainly only be ARCs and free eBooks.


  • Once again, I’m going to finish Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon.
  • I would like to get started on another Kdrama (send your recs!) but I don’t plan on finishing 2 this week.

TV Shows

  • Again, Game of Thrones this week. I would like to give a bit more in depth review, but I don’t want to spoil anything so I think I’ll just stick with how I had my weekly wrap up this time around.
  • I want to get through at least half of season 9 of Doctor Who. I definitely don’t have a problem watching those while I blog. I think that’s how I’ll start watching TV Shows (not Kdramas) for now instead of music. Maybe I’ll finally get through Gilmore Girls and Legends of Tomorrow


  • I still want to get better about working harder. I need to be proud of the work I do even though it’s for a job that I don’t enjoy.
  • I want to give Barnes and Noble a call to let them know I put in an application. But I’ve never had to call a job for this and I’m super nervous and I don’t know what I’m going to do or say.


  • I’m going to get that Financial Aid taken care of before my advisor calls me for the second time about it.
  • I’m also going to keep checking back about the books I’m going to need for my class.


  • I will get on a schedule. Even if I just write for 10-15 minutes. I need to find time to do it.
  • I want to at least get the first draft of this short story done. My husband told me to write him a story so he could draw a comic along with it. So I’m going to do that. It’s just hard because we have different styles. I’d be a romance writer and he would be more action/fantasy.


Here’s this week’s schedule (let me know if you like seeing this):

  • Sunday (today): Weekly Goals July 30-August 5
  • Monday: Unhaulathon TBR
  • Tuesday: Wonder Woman Book Tag
  • Wednesday: Tome Topple TBR
  • Thursday: New Releases Aug 6-12
  • Friday: July Wrap Up
  • Saturday: *Undetemined* Review

What are your goals for this week?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Get back to me if you want to buddy read any of the books on my TBR this month or any of my TBRs for the readathons coming up (check my weekly goals posts to know when my TBR will be going up).

Happy Reading, Writing, Watching!


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