Weekly Goals Aug 6-12

Hey everyone!


Korean Dramas

Nothing. Because of all the readathons, I’m going to focus on reading for now.

Tv Shows

I’ll be watching Game of Thrones but that’s about it.


Again, I’ll be focusing on reading mostly this week.


This is where you’ll see the most activity.

  • I want to finish reading Vassa in the Night, The Unexpected Everything and Angels and Demons.
  • During this week, I will be participating in Readathin, Unhaulathon, and Tome Topple.


Here’s this week’s post schedule:

  • Sunday: Weekly Goals Aug 6-12
  • Monday: Weekly Wrap Up July 30-Aug 5
  • Tuesday: The Nope Book Tag
  • Wednesday: Top 5 Wednesday: Second Book is the Best
  • Thursday: New Releases Aug 13-19
  • Friday: July Book Haul; Middle Gradeathon TBR
  • Saturday: Book Review

That’s about it! Not too much going on this week outside of reading and blogging.

Happy Reading, Writing, Watching!


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(All gifs from Tumblr, photos from Google or GoodReads)


    1. Yes!!! I love them ❤️ I actually have a Kpop/Kdrama related instagram. It’s not very active but hey! I’ve been trying to get through Strongest Woman Do Bong Soon but haven’t been able to finish it because of all these readathons 😂 I was out of the Kdrama/Kpop world for a couple year. Back when Exo first released Wolf was about when I stopped 😂 I’m trying to get back!

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Hahahahaha oh really? That’s nice to know! Picked up a bit of the language, I assume over time?
        I’m on Doctor Stranger now. I just watch dramas and the occasional movie, not much of the pop unless they are OST. Or one of those beautifully sad songs

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love everything 😂 The most recent dramas I’ve seen are Uncontrollably Fond and W. loved both of them. ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha. Now I know why I stopped 😂 Ads. And every time I get Viki Pass it ends up screwing up or I don’t end up using it so I cancel it 😂


      4. Ooh. I’ll have to look. I’ve been using Viki. I like them best so far. Does Dramanice have an app?


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