Korean Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

If you follow my book reviews an wrap ups, you know that I review book differently than just using the regular star system. I use a point system that I got from Kim Here in YouTube (watch her video here).

But the gist of it is that you have 5 different categories and you can give a certain number of points depending on your thoughts. I’m changing one of the categories to fit into Kdramas and changing the amount of points so that it will fit with the stars on MyDramaList. There will still be 5 categories but I will only be giving 0-2 points for each category.

So let’s discuss the categories:

Personal Thoughts

So all of them are pretty self-explanitory so I’ll only talk about the difference between “acting” and “characters.”

The characters can be very well thought out but the acting could be poor. So the acting refers to just that and the characters refer to how well written they were.

So let’s just get into this review. If you have any other questions, ask them down below.

Today, I’m reviewing Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I just finished watching it a few minutes ago and  I just had to review it now!

This drama follows Bong Soon, a woman who just happens to be super strong. She tries to keep this super power a secret from everyone and tries to lead a normal life. That is until she ends up hurting the CEO of a video game company. Now she has to nurse him back to health. All while there is a kidnapper on the loose. Bong Soon’s childhood crush is a detective on the case, which makes things even more entangled.



I am giving the acting 2 points.

I personally think that all of the actors did a wonderful job at portraying their characters. There’s not much else to say. I think they did a wonderful job and I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more of their stuff.


I will have to give the characters 1 point.

The main characters were awesome and they were very fleshed out, in my opinion. But there were just a few side characters that I wish would have been given more time and we were given more of a chance to get to know their personalities.


I’m going to have to give the story 1 point also.

I think that everything was planned out nicely and wrapped up just as nice but I did have some issues.

To me, it seemed like the kidnapper storyline was just a little side story to keep you interested. The romance was the main focus. But I also believe that they could have done this with more emphasis on the kidnapper. I feel like this story could have almost existed without that little snippet. It came into play a couple times but overall, it seemed kind of useless.

I feel like a lot of the side stories were not needed. I feel like they were thrown in just for the fun of it and not necessary. But that kind of made them necessary. Something to get you out of the romance and keep you interested and watching.

But I did love the romance. It was adorable and I knew from the beginning I was going to love it. I loved how the ending showed what happened after everything. That made me very happy. I was even crying at the end, which is always a good sign.


Another 2 points.

I think that the pacing was great. Despite the fact there were 16 episodes, each an hour long, you stayed interested in most parts. And if you started to lose interest, something happened and it came back.

It may have taken me a while to get through but I finally did and I still think the pacing was great.

Personal Thoughts

2 points!

I loved this kdrama so much. It had me feeling all sorts of feeling. I usually don’t watch kdramas on my TV because my son either has something on or my husband does. But I just needed to continue and threw it up there. I loved this so much.

I do recommend it, overall. It’s a wonderful kdrama. I don’t know if I’d recommend it as a first kdrama to watch but overall, it was great.

So overall 8 out of 10 points!

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you’ve seen this and your thoughts on it!

Happy Watching! Bye!


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