Top 5 Favorite Korean Dramas

Hey everyone! Welcome back and if you’re new, I’m Amanda from A Court of Books and Love.

Today I have my top 5 favorite Korean Dramas.

This isn’t going to dramas that I would recommend you start out with if you’re new to Korean dramas but they are some of my favorites. I will be making a recommendation post for newbies, but that’s not what this is.

This won’t be in any particular order. Just how I chose them off the list from MyDramaList.

Let’s get into this.


1. Descendants of the Sun

I adore this kdrama so much! It’s so addicted and if I remember correctly, was the one I watched when I got back into kdramas again.

This is drama two military doctors who are stationed in a war zone. According to MyDramaList, “the story will track both their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the value of life.” It’s a beautiful drama that will make you laugh and cry and have all of the feels you adore.

2. W

This is one of the ones that I don’t recommend if you’re new to Korean dramas. This is a tough one to keep track of the storyline of especially while trying to get used to reading captions instead of just listening to the words. But if you’re used to Korean dramas and haven’t seen this, PLEASE WATCH IT. It’s so good.

This story follows a woman whose father ends up going missing while working on finishing up the webtoon series he’s writing. While trying to figure out what happened to her father, she somehow ends up inside of the webtoon, laying in the blood of the main character while he’s bleeding out on a rooftop.

3. Missing You

This was one of the first Kdramas that I ever watched that was dark and wasn’t a funny romance. This one hit me hard. It was tough to watch at times. I don’t remember any of the trigger warnings but I feel like I remember there being some. I need to rewatch this one soon. (Looking at the Wikipedia page, it says there is rape and I know there’s bullying by the synopsis on MyDramaList. So be weary)

Missing You is about a woman who is the daughter of a murderer. She was bullied as a child and fell in love with the boy who protected her. Due to an accident they were separated. Now they have become reconnected as adults but our main character is in a relationship with another man.

There’s so much about this that is just so surprising. Just go into it as blind as you can and you’ll be fine. Like I said previously, just be weary of the trigger warnings and know that this Korean drama is a dark and twisted one. But I love it so much.

4. Goblin

Now, I’ve mentioned this one before and I will continue to mention it. I was kind of iffy about it when I first started, but I ended up loving it! It’s a funny little romance with a fantastical twist to it. And the banter is just fantastic.

This is about a girl who believes that she is the Goblin’s Bride because she can see something that only the Goblin’s Bride can see on the Goblin. She tries to prove that she is his bride over and over again but he doesn’t want to accept it because of the fate he would face if that’s the case. With the addition of the Grim Reaper, who is after both the Goblin and his possible bride, this becomes a jumbled mess of a story that somehow all fits together perfectly.

I feel like calling the Goblin a goblin isn’t an accurate description. He’s more of a powerful demon in my opinion.

5. I Hear Your Voice

This is probably my favorite right now. But it’s so hard to decide between all of these awesome Korean dramas. This one was just so good to me!

This is a drama about lawyer who ends up teaming up with a man who can read people’s thoughts. But the twist is that the man has been in love with the woman ever since she testified against the killer of his father.

I just loved this one so much. Maybe not one for a beginner but I’ll be getting to some good ones in another post coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you all in the comments!

Happy Watching! Bye!


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  1. Yaay!! 3 out 5 of your favorites make it on my favorite list too. Haven’t seen Missing You though, can’t find a trailer with English subtitles too.. And W, I got upset with it and stopped before I finished it. But I was hooked on it, the story line is gooood! But dragged on too long for my liking.



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