Owlcrate Check In

Hey everyone! Welcome back and if you’re new, I’m Amanda from A Court of Books and Love.

Today I have my OwlCrate Check-in.

I have been getting OwlCrate for a year now (I hit one year this month) so I figured I would do a check in with how my reading has been for each of the books received.

Let’s just get into this.

October 2016 – Once Upon a Dream

We got Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter in this box.

I tried to read it but I just couldn’t get into it. So I ended up DNFing it and it’s on my unhaul pile.

All I really know about it is that it’s about a girl who ends up getting stuck in a shop where they chop off the heads of people who have stolen from the shop. The writing style just wasn’t for me.


November 2016 – Wonderland

In this month’s box, we got Heartless by Marissa Meyer along with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

I read both and loved Heartless. Alice isn’t really for me but I adored Heartless.

Heartless is a kind of retelling of Alice in Wonderland. But instead of being a direct retelling, it’s more of a prequel about how the Queen of Hearts became who she was.
Cath just wants to be a baker and open a bakery with her best friend. But her parents want other things for her. They want her to marry the king.


December 2016 – Epic

This month we got Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst.

I was so nervous about going into this book but I ended up buddy reading it and I’m so grateful I did! I ended up loving this book.

This is a female/female romance about two princesses. One (Denna) is supposed to marry the other’s (Mare) brother. To make things harder on this relationship, Denna can do magic and Mare’s country is against the use of magic.


January 2017 – Classic Remix

This month we ended up getting Roseblood by AG Howard.

I haven’t read this yet but I plan on reading it this month for one of the readathons I’m doing!

All I know about this book is that it’s a retelling of Phantom of the Opera.


February 2017 – Run Away With the Circus

We got Caraval by Stephanie Garber with this box.

I read this and absolutely adored it. I can’t wait for the second one, Legendary.

This book is about a carnival that two sisters want to be invited to more than anything. Before one of the sisters ends up getting married, they get an invitation. But when they get there, the other sister gets kidnapped and the goal of the game is to find the sister.


March 2017 – Sailors, Ships and Sea

This month’s box came with Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller.

I haven’t read this book but I may end up reading it for Readathin in November.

All I really know about this book is that it’s about the daughter of, you guessed it, a pirate king. From what I know, she ends up getting purposely kidnapped for some reason and I believe there is a romance with the kidnapper.


April 2017 – Head Over Heels

We got Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli in this box.

I haven’t read it yet but I plan on it in November for Contemporaryathon.

This book is about a girl who has had many crushes on boys. I believe that this book is about her finding a boy who she thinks is going to be “the one.” But everything becomes a jumbled mess when her coworker, an unlikely candidate, makes things all sorts of confusing.

May 2017 – Comic Explosion

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia was included in this box.

I have read this and absolutely adored it. Once of my favorites of the year, I’d have to say.

This book is about a girl who writes one of the most popular webcomics online. But she keeps this a secrets from everyone in her life. When the new boy starts as school and reveals that he writes the most popular fanfiction for her webcomic, things get messy. They become even worse when our main character starts to fall for him and debates whether she should tell him who she is or not.

June 2017 – Make It Out Alive

This book was The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olsen and New World Rising by Jennifer Wilson.

This is probably the book that I’m least interested in out of all of the books I’ve gotten. I’m not even sure what it’s about so I can’t give a synopsis. Maybe I’ll do a try a chapter tag soon and include this one in there.


July 2017 – Wanderlust

Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

I am so disappointed in myself for not having read this yet. I started it and loved it but never continued.

This book is about a boy who loves getting drunk and partying. But to get his inheritance and take over his father’s business, he needs to go on a tour of Europe to help him sober up and stop partying. On this journey, he’s joined by his best friend… and his crush. So he needs to try to figure out how to get out from under his “babysitter” and have some fun, all while hiding his secret love.


August 2017 – Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd Jones and Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

When  I first heard about this book while doing my new releases post, I was interested immediately. I can’t wait to get to this one, hopefully, soon. I haven’t read Sleepy Hollow either.

This is about a girl who ends up selling her heart to a demon in exchange for something (I can’t remember what). She meets someone who has also sold something to a demon and starts to fall for him. But can she do this and live without her heart?

September 2017 – Mythical Creatures

Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

I haven’t read this yet but I am so interested in this even though I barely know anything about it. I have only read one book by Jodi Meadows and I ended up DNFing it. So I want to give her another try.

All I know about this is that it’s about dragons. That’s all I need to know. Dragons are cool (insert Matt Smith as the Doctor voice).

So to sum all of this up for you guys who didn’t want to read it:

I got 15 books!

I read 5 of them. Insert the shame now.

So I have a lot to catch up on. There is one that I DNFed and will be getting rid of but still.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you get OwlCrate!

Happy Reading! Bye!

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