Korean Dramas To Start With

Hey everyone! Welcome back and if you’re new, I’m Amanda from A Court of Books and Love.

Today I have some Korean Dramas that I would recommend if you’re new to them or new to subtitles at all. If you’ve watched subbed anime, they transitioning into Kdramas would be fairly seamless. But if you’re completely new, here are some quick and easy Kdramas to watch that you really won’t need to focus on the story too much for.

I will say this now. When I originally watched these, I wasn’t looking out for anything triggering. I can’t say whether they would be triggering or not, so just be careful going into them. I know that most Asian things I read/watch are notorious for having some sort of trigger in them.

Let’s get into this!


Nail Shop Paris

I don’t really remember too much about this one. I just know that there is a lot of time spent doing nails and relationships. It was a cute and funny romance. If I remember correctly, there is a bit of a dark twist to it but I can’t be sure.

This drama follows a writer who dresses up as a male so she can work at this all male nail salon. During her journey, she learns a lot more than anticipated about these men and being in the nail saloning business (that’s not a real description but hey!).


Boys Over Flowers

I feel like this one is recommended A TON. It’s such an easy one to get into. It’s a romance that you know isn’t healthy, but you love anyway. Except me. As always, I was rooting for the underdog who I knew she wouldn’t choose.

Our main character is a poor girl who is going to a rich school on a scholarship (I believe. It’s something like that). In this school, there is a group of four men known as the F4. The are the best men in the school. She hates all of her classmates, especially the snobby F4. She ends up telling off the leader of the F4 which makes her his new target. He bullies her, but at the same time, seems to be falling for her (again, problematic, I know). But he’s not the only one.


Coffee Prince

Here’s another one kind of like Nail Shop Paris. It’s easy and fun. Cute romance, amazing actors.

This drama is about a tomboy who ends up working at a coffee shop because the owner thought she was a man. She continues this facade so she can keep her job. But things get complicated when the owner starts to fall for him/her.



TW: Depression, Suicide, Bullying

This drama is one of the darker ones that doesn’t seem like it will be. It’s one that I would recommend having at least a little experience in captions. I don’t think you’d have an issue with it. Just know that it’s super problematic at times and it’s not the greatest. I loved it when I watched it the first time.

This drama is about a girl who just transferred to a new school. She is a wonderful musician but a little odd. There’s also a boy who is a part of one of the most popular K-pop groups at the time. He ended up caught up in a scandal so he starts going to the school.


Playful Kiss

This one is another that’s based on a manga, I believe. It’s got one of the main characters from Boys Over Flowers in it, also. It’s a cute little romance and a very easy watch. Problematic but that’s okay.

If I remember correctly, the main character likes the most popular boy in her school so she confesses to him. He denies her, claiming that she’s dumb, so she decides to give up on him. Well, her mom and his dad end up getting together and they all move in together. She is trying to get over him, but he keeps doing things that make her think he might actually have feelings for her.


I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if you’ve seen any of these and your thoughts. Also, if you enjoy Kdramas, recommend some in the comments.

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Happy Watching! Bye!


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  1. Actually in Playful Kiss, the girl and her father moves in together because an earthquake comes destroying the girl’s home. The boy’s father is the girl’s father’s closest friend. So he offers a place to stay for his best friend and his daughter till they can get their home fixed.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you! I may have been thinking of a different show or anime or something. I haven’t seen Playful Kiss since like 2012 or earlier, so I forgot 😂



      1. I tried going for ones that weren’t too story heavy so that people could get used to reading subtitles.


      2. Exactly! There are so many amazing shows to watch once you get the hang of it ❤️ It gets to a point where I don’t even realize they are talking in Korean. If that makes any sense.


  2. Hey! Yeah, Anjalisk said about Playful Kiss is right! Although I secretly always wished his mom ended up with her dad because they were sorts cute xD Very good list! Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss were always so addicting. I really need to see Coffee Prince – it sounds cool! Dream High, Heirs and Legend of The Blue sky are some other easy ones to start with!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I haven’t seen Playful Kiss since like 2012 so I forgot 😂 I think I was thinking about a different show or manga or something. I would recommend Dream High and Heirs. But I haven’t seen Legend of the Blue Sky.

      Liked by 1 person


    1. I haven’t rewatched any Kdramas just because they are such long episodes and I have so many I want to watch. But I would love to rewatch a lot of them.



      1. I definitely want to finish it. Right now I just don’t have the time to watch any tv. My main focuses are school, blogging, and reading.

        Liked by 1 person

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