Announcement: Kpopathon Readathon

Hey everyone! Welcome back and if you’re new, I’m Amanda from A Court of Books and Love.

Today I have a really exciting announcement.

Thanks to the wonderful Taylor from Bookish Taylor, I was introduced to the amazing Devon from MonstarBaby. She came up with the amazing idea to have a Kpop themed Readathon! Of course, I hopped on the chance to help out and I’m so glad I did. Because here I am. Today. Announcing this readathon!

Let’s get into the details.


As I already said, this is a readathon that is focusing on Kpop groups. We will choose a certain group to focus on each round and come up with some challenges to correspond with the group.


We will be trying to do this readathon all year but each month will focus on a different group. The readathon will be running every day for each month, so you will have the entire month to complete the challenges.


We have a Twitter account where you can follow and keep updated. We both will be posting on our corresponding YouTube pages the announcements, challenges, TBRs, and wrap ups.

The Twitter will have the list of challenges pinned to the top for the whole month.

Follow the Twitter here


So let’s get into our first round! January. It will run the entire month of Jan and our focus group will be




BAP! ❤

My love for this group is immeasurable. I absolutely adore everything they release. They are such sweet little babies and I can’t get enough. They have such a range with their music and I couldn’t be happier to be a BABY.

If you don’t know who BAP is, here’s a playlist where you can listen to some of my favorite songs.

Click here


Let’s get into the challenges

1. Wake Me Up – Read a Book With Good Mental Health Rep

Feel free to listen to the song before continuing. There is an option for English subtitles ❤

But this is pretty self explanatory. Just read a book that has good mental health representation!

2. Matoki – Read a Sci-fi Book

Matoki (Matokies) refers to the bunnies that represent each member of BAP. Yongguk is Red (Shi Shi Mato), Himchan is Pink (Tats Mato), Daehyun is White (Keke Mato), Youngjae is Yellow (Joko Mato), Jongup is Green (Dada Mato), and Zelo is Blue (Toto Mato).

BAP’s “backstory” is that they came from the Mato Planet. Hence the sci-fi aspect.

I know that’s a lot to take in but that’s perfectly okay!  Just read a sci-fi book!

3. Bias – Read a Book That is Related to your Bias

So, if you don’t know what Bias is, it’s pretty much your favorite member. So, if you’re not a fan on Kpop or don’t know BAP and you’re participating (for one, thank you), you can either choose a member and relate the book back to him somehow or you can read a book with an of the suggestions I give down below.

To get to know a little bit about these goof balls, watch this video!

Some suggestions:

Zelo (who is my bias): Read your newest bought or released book (because he’s the youngest memeber)

Jongup: Read an underrated book (he’s very underrated, in my opinion)

Yongguk: Read a childrens book (Because of his love for Tigger)

Himchan: Read a book with a beautiful cover (Because he’s the visual of the group)

Youngjae: Read a book that is over the top, cliche, or just makes you laugh out loud (Because he’s “extra”)

Daehyun: Read a book with a big range of characters (because of his singing range)

4. Noir, Blue, Rose – Read a book with a black, blue, or red cover

These three albums/EPs were all part of BAP’s color scheme for albums. Now that that’s complete, it works! Pretty self explanatory.

5. Kings – Read a book with royalty

“BAP, the king is back yall” They are the kings of Kpop. I don’t care what anyone says. But just read a book with royalty! Bam. Done.

6. 6 Members – Read 6 Books


So that’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to message me or Devon! ❤

Let me know if you’re going to participate! Or if I got you interested in BAP. They are so underrated and need all of the loving!

Happy Reading! Bye!



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