Tag Tuesday: Wonder Woman Book Tag

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I’m here today with another Tag Tuesday post! Today’s tag is the Wonder Woman Book Tag! This was created by the lovely Amber! I’ll leave all of her links down below!

I’m going to tag:


I linked to everyone’s most recent post as of 7/28 ❤ Except for Chelsea because her blog is through Blogger so I don’t know how that works. I know that WordPress won’t notify the person unless you link to one of their posts.

Let’s just get into this!


1. Wonder Woman: Your favorite badass female book character

I’d have to say Audrey Rose from Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco.


2. Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to

I’m going to kind of cheat on this one and go with Supacon from Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde. It’s not really another setting but it’s definitely another world. A world that I would fit right into.


3. London: A hyped book that let you down

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas. I hyped this book up for myself after reading ACOMAF and I just couldn’t handle it. I wanted it to be so much more than it was. It was boring and the ending bothers me too much.


4. Steve Trevor: A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (i.e. great personality)

Caraval! I absolutely adore this cover! It’s so gorgeous. And I adored the story inside of it. It was so interesting to me! I have a full review that I’ll link below along with any other reviews that I have for any of the books mentioned.


5. Lasso of Truth: A book you hated

City. Of. Ashes.


6. Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad you need a shield

A List of Cages. This was the first book that popped into my head for this question. I cried my eyes out.


7. No Man’s Land: A book that you want to send through No Man’s Land (i.e. shoot it to death)

I’m going to go with Wrong Question, Right Answer from the Bourbon Steet Boys series by Elle Casey. I enjoyed the first two but this one was just bad in my opinion. I didn’t like Toni at all. I liked her the first two books but I guess that’s because I wasn’t in her head. I am not a fan of her anymore. And now I’m trying to motivate myself to read the last one but I just didn’t like this one.


8. Ares: A villian that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate

The Darkling! I was typing out these questions before I went through and answered them and I knew that I would choose the Darkling for this.

He was a horrible person. But I just couldn’t seem to hate him. I knew in the last book that he was a bad person. But still! He was just trying to save his country!


9. Dr. Poison: A villian that has no reason to exist

I wasn’t sure of an answer so I asked my husband. He said Sandman from Spider-Man 3. So, yeah. We’ll go with that.

10. The Amazons: A book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation

Okay. Now hear me out for this one. I think that the A Court of Thorns and Roses should have better LGBT+ rep. Maas tried to do it in ACOWAR but it just didn’t work. It was forced and you could tell. I just wish that she wouldn’t have been pressured into it and it ending up badly. I give her props for trying but I personally just didn’t like it.


11. Justice League: What superhero book friends do you tag?

Check above!


Amber (Amber’s Books and More)

Wonder Woman Book Tag video


(All Book Outlet books were available on 7/28 but they may not be any longer. Just go to the Book Outlet website and look up that book)

Stalking Jack the Ripper

Book Depository

Queens of Geek

Book Depository

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Book Depository

A Court of Mist and Fury

Book Depository

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Book Depository


Book Depository

City of Ashes

Book Depository
Book Outlet

A List of Cages

Book Depository

Wrong Question, Right Answer

Book Depository

Shadow and Bone

Book Depository

Siege and Storm

Book Depository
Book Outlet

Ruin and Rising

Book Depository
Book Outlet

Happy Reading


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Tag Tuesday: OMG This Song Book Tag


I saw this video on Ali’s channel! I’ll have her video linked below along with the creator’s!

First off! I would like to tag people! I will be linking to their most recent post as of me writing this!

Jessica (I know you’re busy so just do it whenever you feel like it!)



1. My Jam

A song you MUST listen to every time it comes on, no matter how old or how many times you’ve listened to it

A book you’ll never get sick of

Song: I’d have to say for this one, anything by Chris Young. I’m addicted to all of his music. It’s all perfection. I’m going to have one of my favorites below. I absolutely love all of his songs, though.

Book: The Outsiders by SE Hinton. I could read that book a million times and not get sick of it.


2. Throwback

A song that reminds you of the cringiest time of your life

A book that also reminds you of this time (or just something you wouldn’t like as much if you picked it up for the first time now)

Song: So, I’m kind of cheating with this one, but I’m going to have to go with the opening of Vampire Knight (it’s in my iTunes so I’m counting it). This anime just makes me cringe every time I think about it. I had the same issue with it that I have with the Mortal Instruments series, but I still love the anime.

Book: The Mortal Instruments. Nope. I hate this series. I refuse to finish it. If you’ve read the Mortal Instruments and read Vampire Knight (I’m not too sure if the anime goes that far), you’ll know what similarities they have and why they drive me insane.


3. Replay

A recent song you have on repeat right now

A recent favorite book

Song: Hm. The entire Hamilton Soundtrack.

Book: The most recents are Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde and Sapphire by JA Low.


4. Gets Me

The song IS ME

The book is me in book form

Song: This changes for me pretty often. I feel like right now it would have to be A Place in This World by Taylor Swift. Don’t want to get to the nitty gritty but yeah. That.

Book: This is a tough one. I’d have to say that I connected best with Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.


5. Wut

Weird but I like it?

A unique book that stuck out to you for whatever reason

Song: Kpop. Everyone around me thinks it’s weird but I love it. I’m going to mention one of the first songs I ever listened to. Way back in 2011. This is Break Down by Kim Hyun Joong. There’s been huge controversy around him lately but it’s been proved false from what I’ve heard. I’ve loved him for 6 years. He was my first bias.

Book: Sapphire. It’s not something that I’d normally read or be interested in reading but I loved that book. (Seriously, go check it out when it comes out on the 30th)

6. Let’s Go

Best pump up song (for workouts or just life)

A book that inspired you

Song: Again, Kpop. It’s always so upbeat. Here’s one song that I always dance to when I hear it. GOT7 is another one that has very upbeat songs. And Shinee.

Book: This book didn’t really inspire me but it’s definitely made me rethink a lot of things in my life. Queens of Geek.

7. Chill

Fav chill, relaxing song

A book you’d curl up with and read on a rainy day

Song: I don’t really listen to relaxing music. I’ve been going through the music on my phone and can’t find anything. I usually only listen to music that gets me pumped. I don’t use music to relax. And if I do, it’d be just instrumentals. And even those are usually upbeat.

Book: I’d have to say, I would want to read a hard hitting book on a rainy day. So I’m going to go with The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Such an important book. If you haven’t read it, you need to.


8. Addicting

Guilty pleasure song – one that’s catchy and addicting but not a whole lot of substance

Guilty pleasure/trashy/fast/light read

Song: I listen to mainly Kpop and Country so all of the music I listen to is meaningful. But there are definitely some pop songs that I enjoy. They are ridiculous but I still love them. The one that popped into my head is Side to Side by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. I don’t like Nicki but I love Ariana.

Book: I definitely think that Lizzy Charles’s books are guilty pleasures. I have read one book by her and I adored it. That book is It Had To Be You. It was wonderful for me. I read it in one night. Highly recommend.


9. Nostalgia

Throwback you look back on fondly

A book you read forever ago that you look back on fondly or reminds you of a happy childhood time

Song: There are so many different songs I could choose for this. But I’m going to go with We Go Together from the movie Grease. That song brings back memories.

Book: I have to go with the Spot books by Eric Hill. They were these flip up books about a puppy named Spot. I remember going into the library when I was in Elementary school and I would go to the back corner of the library and grab one of them, sit in the bean bag chair over there and just flip through them. I bought one for my son and he tore it apart.



Hardback Hoarder’s (Ali) Video

KatesBookDate’s (Creator) Video


The Outsiders

Book Depository

City of Bones

Book Depository

Queens of Geek

Book Depository




Book Depository

The Hate U Give

Book Depository

It Had To Be You


Where’s Spot

Book Depository

Happy Reading and Listening!


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Love It or Hate It Book Tag

I originally saw this tag on DylantheReader5‘s BookTube channel (you can watch it here) and I decided that I wanted to do it also! I wasn’t tagged.

The original tag was created by PadFootAndProngs07.

This is such an old tag and not a lot of people have done it so I’m not going to be linking anyone to this. Instead, I’ll be tagging a few people.

As a lot of these questions have to do with the number 3, I’ll tag 3 people. I’ve linked to their most recent post as of me writing this post.


Mom’s Book Collection

A Very Bookish Girl

Let’s just get into these questions!

1. Top 3 Favorite Books?

Hm. I’d have to say my top 3 favorite books of this year are:

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas


2. Top 3 Least Favorite Books?

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo


Same Love by Tony Correia


3. Top 3 Favorite Characters?

Cassian from ACOMAF

Azriel from ACOMAF

Nikolai from the Shadow and Bone Trilogy

4. Top 3 Least Favorite Characters?

Feyre from ACOWAR (specifically ACOWAR)

Trace from Beautifully Damaged

Alina in Siege and Storm (Again, specifically S&S)

5. Biggest let-down?

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas. I had such high hopes for that book and it just let me down hard.

6. Books That You Liked That Other People Hated?

People didn’t really hate this book but I feel like the general thoughts about it were that people didn’t like it as much as they’d hoped. That book is Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I loved this book.


7. Characters That People Love But You Hated?

Simon from City of Bones. I don’t see the hype around him. I didn’t like him.


Amren. It’s not that I didn’t like her but things should have happened at the end and they didn’t of ACOWAR.

8. Characters The People Hated But You Loved?

I feel like AIDAN from Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff was a character that a lot of people don’t like. I don’t know. I liked AIDAN.


9. Best Quotes?

Oh man. There are so many. The one that popped into my  head right away was from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This book is beautiful. If you haven’t read it, you need to.

“The truth casts a shadow over the kitch – people like us in situations like this become hashtags, but they rarely get justice. I think we all wait for that one time though, that one time when it ends right.” -pg 59

10. Worst Quotes?

Um, I don’t know?

11. Books You Didn’t Finish?

Let me look at my list.

Sweet as Sin by JT Geissinger

Beautifully Damaged by LA Fiore

All The Stars Left Behind by Ashley Graham

12. What Book Have You Read The Most Times?

Ummmm. I don’t reread books very often. I want to do it more but I have so many I want to read for the first time I never get around to it. So I’m going to just say a book series I want to reread with a more open mind. I’d like to reread Illuminae and Gemina. Probably before Obsidio comes out.

13. Series Where The First Book Was Amazing But Went Downhill From There?

Umm. That’s a really good question. I feel like the closest is The Giver Quartet. I loved Giver and enjoyed the rest. They didn’t really go downhill, though. They just weren’t as good as Giver.


Happy Reading!


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Tag Tuesday: A to Z Tag

Hi Bookies!

Today’s Tag Tuesday post is The A to Z Tag!

Let’s just get into this. Starting out with linking to other people’s vidoes/posts!

My husband wanted to be a part of this so he’ll have some answers thrown in here. I’m going to let him answer with either books/movie/tv shows, also, since he isn’t that much of a reader.

Favorite BookTubers

Books and Lala
Pages and Pens
Jadey Rae Reads

BookTubers Under 100 Subscribers

Viktoria Reads
La Quinn
Holly’s Book World

Book Bloggers

Perpetual Page Turner
Jayne VS Books

A-Author You’ve Read the Most Books From

Me – James Patterson. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with him but that destroyed my reading.

Hubs – Drew Karpyshyn. He wrote a bunch of Star Wars books.

B-Best Sequel Ever

Me – A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. Forever.

Hubs – Dynasty of Evil by Drew Karpyshyn

C-Currently Reading

Me – I’m currently reading 5 books. I’m reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer in physical form, What Doesn’t Destroy Us by MN Forgy in eBook form, In The Heir by Ruth Cardello in audio, Same Love in eBook form (ARC), and Son by Lois Lowry in physical form to my son. I wrote this on July 5th so I can guarantee when this goes up I’ll be on something else. But I do recommend checking out my Instagram that’s linked down below for daily updates.

Hubs – He’s not reading and caught up on all the shows he was watching. So as I’m working on this, he’s playing Skyrim.

D-Drink of Choice

Me – Tea! Or Water.

Hubs – Earl Grey tea. Or Rum. Specifically The Cap.

E-eReader or Physical Book

Me – Both.

Hubs – Physical.

F-Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Dated in High School

Me – Um… None. Are there any characters that end up realizing they’re gay? Because that happened. Annoying jock that I was only with for a day? That happened too. I’d have to say probably if any, it would have been Wallace from Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. I was huge with FanFiction, writing, and reading in high school.

Hubs – He said that Elena from the Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith would be the only one who would deal with him.

G-Glad You Gave This Book A Chance

Me – It Had To Be You by Lizzy Charles. This was the first ARC I received and I had been debating signing up for NetGalley. I decided to and got this book. I absolutely adored it.

Hubs – Zoo the TV show. Even though he’s not interested in season 2. He’s glad that he watched the first season.

H-Hidden Gem

Me – I don’t want to repeat answers but I’d have to say It Had To Be You again. I loved this book and I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a cute little romance.

I-Important Moment in Your Reading Life

Me – Reading Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. That book is the book that got me back into reading YA. My reading life had suffered greatly before I decided to give YA a chance again. I loved this book and it brought me back into enjoying reading again.

Hubs – The Desert. He read the entire Wrinkle in Time series when he was deployed.

J-Just Finished

Me – The last book that I finished was The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Hubs – He hasn’t finished reading any books recently so we’re going to go with the last show he caught up on. That show would be Supernatural.

K-Kind of Book You Won’t Read

Me – Sci-fi. Well, I can’t even say that. I’m reading a sci-fi right now. But after I finish the Lunar Chronicles, I’m not going to be picking up any books about space or aliens anytime soon.

Hubs – Yaoi. That’s what he’s going with. If you don’t know what that is, let’s just say that it’s intense gay manga. Specifically m/m.

L-Longest Book You’ve Read

Me – Order of the Phoenix

Hubs – The Bible.

M-Major Book Hangover Because of…


N-Number of Bookshelves You Own

We own 5.

O-One Book You’ve Read Multiple Times

Me – The Outsiders by SE Hinton.

Hubs – How I Met Your Mother. We both love that show.

P-Preferred Place to Read

Me – I would prefer to sit out in the sun with my legs kicked up, overlooking a nice field. Or on a beach. Or in my bed snuggled up with some tea and a warm blanket.

Hubs – “Under a tree” loaded with sarcasm.

Q-Quote That Inspires You

Me – “It’s not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away” “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.”

Hubs – “There are no quotes that can inspire you. Quoted by Jon.” “It was a dark and stormy night.”

R-Reading Regrets

Me – Deciding that I needed to read adult books because I was an “adult.” Nope. I wish I would have continued reading YA. But we all live and learn.

S-Series You’ve Started And Need To Finish

Me – A ton. Shadow and Bone triology, The Lunar Chronicles, Vampire Academy. All of them.

Hubs – The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

T-Three of Your All Time Favorite Books

Me – The Outsiders, ACOMAF, It Had To Be You

Hubs – Five-Year Engagement, Journey To The West, V For Vendetta

U-Unapologetic Fangirl

Me – Harry Potter. Beauty and the Beast.

V-Very Excited For This Release More Than Others

Me – Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

W-Worst Bookish Habit

Me – Starting a book/series and not finishing it.

X-X Marks The Spot: Pick the 27th Book From the Top Left Shelf

Me – Either The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas or My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. I have a book displayed in front of all the books on the shelf. It would change depending on where you count it.

Y-Your Latest Purchase

Me – A List of Cages by Robin Roe, When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde. By the time this goes up, I’ll have them in.

Z-Z Snatcher-Book That Kept You Up Way Too Late

Me – It Had To Be You. I stayed up all night to finish this book. Go read it.

That’s about it! I hope that you enjoyed my inclusion of my husband. I’d like to start doing tags like this. I don’t have too many readers in my life but I can include other people’s answers for each question with movies or tv shows.

Happy Reading!


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Anything But Books Tag

Happy Tag Tuesday! I decided to get down and personal here! Let’s just get into this!

This was created by ReadorRot

I’ve seen this tag going around so I decided to link to a few of my favorite BookTuber’s videos. But I also chose to link to a few that have been posted recently and not viewed a lot and a few blogs that have done this. I think I’ll continue this trend in the future. Let me know if you like this idea! Mainly because I’m horrible at tagging so instead I’ll promote people!

Also, if you like this idea, let me know what view count/subscriber count I should make the limit. Like, I won’t choose someone over however-many subscribers.


Amanda Loves Books
Kendra Jade Troschel

Little Blind Book Finds
Diary of a Bookfiend
Poetic Bliss

1. Name a cartoon(s) that you love

Let’s see. I’m not huge with cartoons recently but I do love anime. So I’ll just list a few cartoons/animated movies/anime I love.

Avatar the Last Airbender
I had the biggest crush on Zuko when I was younger.
Fruits Basket
But Haru though ❤

2. What’s your favorite song right now?

Oh man. Um. All of them? I’ve been obsessed with musicals lately. I’ll list a couple that I like a lot.

Good Day by IU (IU’s MVs are literally the best!)
Sleep Talking by Nu’est (This song just makes me dance along)
Riding With Private Malone by David Ball (I’ve loved this song for so many years and it’s definitely a fave)
Old Love Feels New by Chris Young (Chris Young is just perfection)
Hands Up by 2PM (One of the first Kpop songs I fell in love with)
Kenji by Fort Minor (Just. Listen.)

3. What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?

Watching Kdramas. Definitely. I mean, I need to read subtitles but I could watch them for hours on hours. I’m currently watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

4. What is something that you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

Winter/Color guard. I feel like a lot of people would be surprised because they don’t know what it is. I did it for 7-8 years and I miss it every day.

5. What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

The mind of serial killers. It just fascinates me how someone can live with themselves after killing (and probably doing more) to other human beings.

Another thing I absolutely love is language. Not necessarily learning different languages but how they work. Like, how when someone is talking in one language, they don’t need to translate it to English as they are listening. Or how when we’re talking English, we don’t need to translate to French or something in our heads. It’s just interesting to me. Pretty much the human mind fascinates me.

6. What is something unusual that you know how to do?

Um, I can toss a rifle in the air over two people, catch it behind my back, spin under it, catch it under my leg, or catch it on my knees (or a combo of behind my back and on my knees). I’m just really good at spinning the rifle. (Refer to winter/color guard before you think it’s a real rifle xD)

7. Name something you made in the last year and show us if you can.

Too bad my son is turning two. I’m not creative at all. I don’t make things. Ask me again in a few months and hopefully I’ll be making book sleeves.

8. What is your most recent personal project?

Learning to sew. Bettering myself. Not being so negative. I would like to start writing again.

9. Tell us something you think about often.

Hmm. That’s a good question. Writing. I feel like I think about writing again, all the time. I’m hoping to continue a Fruits Basket fanfiction I only got a chapter through once I finish the series.

10. Give us something that is your favorite.

Um, here’s a list…?

Color: Red
Food: Noodles with teriyaki
Animal: Panda

But my favorite thing ever is my son. Always. (Check out my Instagram for pictures and videos of the cutie. He’s always in my story)

Feel free to ask me anything else you want to know! Maybe I’ll do a Q&A soon (like when I reach 100 followers here and/or 200 on Instagram ;D)

Happy Reading!


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You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone in this and it’s a very old tag. I asked you all for character names on Twitter and Instagram (but I didn’t get too many answers so I just added a ton). I made a list of them all in Excel and used the random number generator on Google to choose a number that matched up with a name. Let’s see how it goes!

This tag was created by Becca at BeccaTheBookReviewer and Chami at ReadLikeWildFire on YouTube. Go check them out!

1. You have one more spot on your Spelling Bee team. Who would you pick to complete your team?

Shikamaru from Naruto

Tohru from Fruits Basket

This is an easy one. Shikamaru. He’s known as being very intelligent so if I wanted to win, I’d go with him. 

2. Both characters want to kill you. Who would you kill first so you had a better chance of surviving?

Kyo from Fruits Basket

James from It Had To Be You

I’d have to go with Kyo. I feel like James wouldn’t want to kill me because he’s too nice of a guy. And because Kyo has some “inner demons.” 

3. You’re on the Bachelor/Bachelorette and down to two characters. Who do you give your final rose to?

Haru from Fruits Basket

Hinata from Naruto

Haru! Hinata is too shy for me. I like the outgoing type. And of course, I’d be the one to break the curse so I wouldn’t have to worry about Haru turning into a cow on me. 

4. You’ve been chosen for the Hunger Games. Who would volunteer in your place?

Itachi from Naruto

Gale from Hunger Games

How funny is that? Um, Gale. Definitely. Itachi would let me die. I’m sure. 

5. You’ve been stranded on an island. Which character would you sacrifice to cannibalism?

Momiji from Fruits Basket

Shigure from Fruits Basket

Aww. I don’t want to eat Momiji. But I feel like I’d have a better chance on survival with Shigure. So I’m going to cry as I sacrifice Momiji. 

6. You’re the next DC/Marvel superhero (with your own TV show, of course). Who is your sidekick?

Cath from Fangirl

Ginny from Harry Potter

Ginny! I want Ginny as my sidekick!

7. You’re a manager at an Avocado admiring company. Who do you fire for lack of communication skills?

Simon from The Mortal Instruments

The Master from Doctor Who

The Master. But I would back out of firing him because he’s one scary dude. 

8. You just finished a book where your favorite character dies. Who is more likely to comfort you?

Harry Potter from Harry Potter

Peeta from Hunger Games

I’d say Peeta. He’s caring enough to comfort me. But I wouldn’t like it. 

9. Ugh. It’s high school. Who would most likely be part of the popular clique?

Neji from Naruto

Cassian from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Cass. Definitely. He’d be one of the popular kids. 

10. The day has finally arrived! You’re a year older! Who would have the nerve to forget your birthday!

Orochimaru from Naruto

Alina from Shadow and Bone

Orochimaru. Definitely. He wouldn’t care to remember. 

11. You’ve just found an upcoming BookTube star! Who would it most likely be?

Naruto from Naruto

Levi from Fangirl

I’d have to say Levi. He’d only listen to audiobooks, though. And that would be an interesting twist on BookTube. 

12. Sleepover time! Unfortunantely you can only invite one person. Who would it be?

Mor from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

This is the first tough one for me! I’d have to save the Tenth Doctor. Just because the sleepover would last forever and we’d have a ton of adventures. 

13. Bam! You’re pregnant. Who would be the mother/father?

The Darkling from Shadow and Bone

Gaara from Naruto

Oh man. I’d have to say Gaara. I had the biggest crush on him growing up. And of the two, he seems to be the best choice. 

14. You’ve just written a super important text. Who would “see” it but not respond? 

Jace from The Mortal Instruments

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Jace. He would 100% ignore my text. He’s got too much crap going on and wouldn’t care either way. 

15. You’ve woken up and it’s time for breakfast. Your mom’s been replaced by who?

The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who

Sakura from Naruto

I’d rather the Eleventh Doctor. Can he replace my mom. That would be awesome. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know who you would choose for any of these questions!

Happy reading! 

Try A Chapter Tag – OwlCrate Edition

So, I have a habit of getting books from OwlCrate and not reading them. I’m horrible about this. I need to get better. So, I decided to help out with that, I’m going to do the Try A Chapter tag. I’m not sure who started this tag, but I would like to thank them. This is going to be so helpful!

I’m changing it up a bit and saying that as of right now, I’m not going to unhaul any of these books just yet. I like to give books at least 100pgs before I DNF them but like to make it until at least halfway. There are certain instances that I’ll DNF early but I don’t forsee these books having that issue as it’s mainly an issue I have with New Adult books.

I’ve already started a lot of these books. If I have, I’ll read a chapter wherever I am in the book. And I’ll let you know where I am so you know if I’ve already read the first chapter or not.

I’m currently starting this post on June 6th. I’m giving myself enough time to go through and read all of them because there’s a lot of books here. I’ll put the date I write the paragraph(s) after then “end” for that paragraph(s) so you can keep track of everything.

Let’s get into this!

Three Dark Crown by Kendare Blake


I did not get this in an OwlCrate but I do own it and haven’t read it so I’m counting it. That and because I keep thinking I got it from OwlCrate but I have to keep reminding myself I didn’t.

I’m currently on page 43 which was the beginning of Chapter 3. (June 6)

I finally got to read this chapter and I don’t know. It lost my interest several times. It should have been a good chapter but I just wasn’t into it. I’ve heard great things about the characters of this book. The sisters specifically. Usually you choose a side when it comes to stories like this but I’ve heard that you like all three sisters. We’ll see. (June 16)

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter


I got this book in October’s OwlCrate. I’m currently on page 34, which is part way through chapter 2. So I’ll finish chapter 2 and depending on how it is will decide if I read chapter 3. I’ll update after I read it! (June 6)

I finished chapter 2 of this. It wasn’t too bad. I want to continue reading. I’m curious what’s going to happen. (June 18)

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst


I got this book in December! I’m on chapter 3. So I’ll read chapter 3 and get back to you guys! (June 6)

I’d have to say, of the three that I’ve read so far, this is the one I’m most interested in. I finished chapter 3 and I wanted to continue. Not spoiling anything, I’m interested to see what happened at the end. And I’d also like to see what happens with everything else mentioned in this chapter. (June 18)

Roseblood by AG Howard


I got this book in January! I’m currently on chapter 2 (I told you I started a lot of them). I’ll read chapter 2 and get back to you! (June 6)

Nothing too interesting happened during chapter 2. We got a better look into her past and the relationship between the main character and her mom. I plan on continuing, though. (June 18)

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Finally! One I haven’t started. I got this one in February. I’ll read chapter 1 and return! (June 6)

This one was interesting. I ended up reading 2 chapters because the first was just short letters. But the second was interesting. Definitely caught my attention and I’m interested in continuing. (June 18)

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


I got this one in March. I haven’t started this one either! So, you know the drill. (June 6)

This was interesting. I really like the main character. She’s interesting. I definitely look forward to finishing this book and moving onto the next. (June 19)

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli


I got this one April! I decided to include a photo of Eliza and Her Monsters and Upside because Eliza is the last book I recieved from OwlCrate but I have since finished it. I haven’t started Upside, though. I plan on reading it in June and by the time this goes up, I may have already done so. (June 6)

I am definitely looking forward to continuing this book. It caught my interest. I am interested in who she is going to fall in love with. (June 19)

I hope that you enjoyed this tag! Have you read any of these books and if so, what are your spoiler-free thoughts?

Happy Reading!


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