Korean Monday: Most Anticipated March Kdramas

I decided that since I haven’t finished a Kdrama in a while, I was going to list some of the ones that I want to watch that are starting in March.

I’m going to list the ones I want to watch and give a little synopsis about it (at least what I gather). I’ll make sure to put the start date and what days they will be on. And I’ll make sure to mention who some of the actors and actresses are in it.

If you would like for me to do a “first impression” of any of these, let me know. Also, if you would rather I do episode reviews, let me know. I think if I did episode reviews, I would also add a prediction part to it. Then after the next episode, I’ll say if it happened or not.

I was going to say these are in no particular order but I looked at it again and realized they are in alphabetical order. All of the AsianWiki pages will be linked. All photos are from Google.

  1. Lovely Love Lie (The Liar and His Lover)
    This drama is based off the manga “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru.” I’m pretty sure that I’ve read this manga before but I can’t be too sure. I plan on reading it before the show starts on March 20th.
    This drama will follow Han Kyeol, a wonderful composer that hides himself from the world. Until he meets So Rim, a high schooler with a lovely voice. And, as you can imagine, romance blossoms, I’m sure.
    This drama will be run on Mondays and Tuesdays. Lee Hyun Woo is going to be Han Kyeol and Joy of Red Velvet will be doing her first drama role as So Rim.
  2. Radiant Office
    I’m not too sure how I’m going to feel about this drama. I don’t know how it’s going to handle mental illness but it will definitely be triggering for some people. So, warning, if you’re triggered by suicide, stay clear of this drama. This will follow a woman who decides to commit suicide by jumping into the Han River. She is saved and brought to the hospital. While there, she learns that she might not have much time to live. She barely manages to get a job after that. This will follow her journey.
    It starts March 15th and will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ko Ah Sung will be playing Eun Ho Won. Ha Seok Jin will be Seo Woo Jin.
  3. Tunnel
    This drama follows a detective that is hunting down a serial killer. When he is literally chasing this killer, he ends up running into a tunnel. When he comes out on the other side, he has gone from the year 1986 to the year 2017, where the killer has resumed the killings. Now he needs to work with a detective and a Professor of Criminal Psychology to try to catch this serial killer.
    This drama will air every Saturday and Sunday starting March 25th. It is starring Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min, and Lee Yoo Young.

Top 10: Korean Actors and Actresses (Korean Mondays)

Today, I decided to talk about some of my favorite Korean actors and actresses, obviously. These are some actors/actresses that if I see in a drama or movie, I automatically want to watch it without even knowing what it’s about! This isn’t going to be in any set order, though. Just listed as I think of them! I haven’t seen every drama all of these actors/actresses have been in. So I’ll be listing who I like, why I like them (even though this portion of each will be mainly just because I love them), my favorite I’ve seen, a list of which ones I’ve seen that they’ve been in, and I’ll link to their Instagram if they have it.

  1. Kim Woo Bin
    I love Kim Woo Bin. He plays such a good bad boy that you just can’t help but to love. Every drama I’ve seen him in, I’ve been on his side of things, knowing that I probably shouldn’t be. I’d have to say my favorite drama I’ve seen him in is Uncontrollably Fond. I’ve seen The Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond. So  I haven’t seen too many with Kim Woo Bin but I still really enjoy his acting. From what I can tell, he doesn’t have Instagram.
  2. Park Shin Hye
    Park Shin Hye seems to be in all the dramas that I love. She seems to be able to play several different roles without an issue. I have seen Heartstrings, Flower Boy Next Door, The Heirs, and Pinocchio. Pinocchio is my favorite even though Heartstrings was a definitely close second. You can follow her on Instagram here!
  3. Lee Jong Suk
    The first drama that I saw Lee Jong Suk in was I Can Hear Your Voice and that’s by far my favorite that he’s been in. I just felt so much emotion in that drama. Then I saw him in Pinocchio and he automatically became a favorite of mine. I have since seen him in W and that was another drama I loved. I have yet to see him in a bad drama. You can follow him on Instagram here.
  4. Jang Geun Suk
    I feel bad. I’ve only seen him in You’re Beautiful and Love Rain, neither of which I have finished. But that hair! I do plan on watching more drama with him but as on right now since I haven’t finished either, my favorite is Love Rain. You can follow him on Instagram here.
  5. Bae Suzy
    I know a lot of people don’t like Suzy’s acting but I’m fine with it. I’ve only seen her in Dream High and Uncontrollably Fond, which is my favorite. You can tell a difference in her acting skills between the two. At least, I can. I will continue to watch more drama with her. You can follow her Instagram here.
  6. IU
    Ugh. How freaking adorable is IU? And her voice? Yes! Everything about IU is just perfection. I absolutely love her! I’ve seen Dream High and I’ve seen a lot of You’re The Best. I’d have to say Dream High because it’s the only one I’ve seen through completely and she did a great job. You can follow her Instagram here.
  7. Park Yoo Chun
    Last year there was a huge scandal surrounding Park Yoo Chun and if you would like more information, I recommend looking it up. But, I am not believing it just yet. He counter-sued for false accusations and blackmail. I am not taking sides until I know the whole truth. I would like to not get into it on this post so please keep it out of the comments. Park Yoo Chun was in the first drama I watched that gave me real adult feels. I Miss You is one of my all time favorite dramas to this day. It was the first that had me literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. It wasn’t a cheesy little romance, not that those are bad. It was very adult and I loved it. I still do.
  8. Ok Taec Yeon
    I absolutely LOVE Taec Yeon. He is definitely my bias in 2PM. I adored him in We Got Married: Global Edition. He was awesome even though I didn’t like his “wife.” I’ll continue talking about my feelings about this with the next guy! I have watched Dream High completely and started Who Are You. I’m counting Dream High as my favorite because I haven’t finished any others. You can follow him on Instagram here.
  9. Lee Hong Kilee-hong-ki
    Lee Hong Ki… Yes. Defintely. His singing voice is perfection. And not to mention, he was perfect in We Got Married. His “marriage” was so adorable that I was wishing it was real. Unfortunately, Hong Ki hasn’t been in any dramas recently. It’s been a few years. You’re Beautiful is the only show I’ve seen with Hong Ki and I haven’t finished it. I need to still. Hong Ki was so funny in it. You can follow him in Instagram here.
  10. Yoo In Na
    I’ve seen Goblin and some of You’re The Best. I’ve also started My Love From Another Star. I enjoy Yoo In Na’s acting and I really want to see her in more stuff. Everything I’ve seen her in has been a supporting character. I really want to see her as a main character. Goblin was definitely my favorite that I’ve seen her in. I don’t believe she’s got a confirmed Instagram.

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