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Challenges Update: June

Challenges Update

I’m participating in 3 different challenges this year and I’m doing fairly well with two of them. The most important one and the one I wanted to do well at, I am failing at. Let’s just get into it so you all can judge me!

I’m being lazy and I’m not going to tag any of these books unless I have a full review for them. I apologize ahead of time but there are a good amount of books in this.

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Book Challenge

This challenge was created by Belinda Missen on Instagram.

I have completed 10 of the 30 challenges. So, I’m about a third of the way done and there are some of these that I won’t end up completing because they don’t interest me at all.

The prompts I have completed from this challenge are:

Read A Comic Book With A Female Lead – Harley Quinn Vol 1

Read A Classic Austen – Emma: Manga Classic

Read A Non-White Female Author – Orange

Read A Book You Read In High School – Alice in Wonderland

Read A Book Recommended by a Friend – Harry Potter

Read A Young Adult Book – Cinder

Read A Translation – Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

Read A Book Set in 2017 – Harley Quinn Vol 2

Read A 20th Century Classic (I changed this to a 21st Century classic) – The Hate U Give

Read A Book Outside Your Fave Genre – Illuminae

A to Z Challenge

A to Z

The second challenge that I’m participating in is the A to Z Challenge. This is an easy one. You read a book for each letter of the alphabet. You’d think it would be an easy one. I’ve only completed 12 of the 26. Almost halfway. I guess that’s not too bad.

The letters I’ve gotten so far are:

A – Angelfall

B – Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

C – Cinder

F – The Fill-in Boyfriend

G – Gemina

H – Harry Potter Series

I – Illuminae

J – Jiu Jiu

M – Messenger

O – Orange

S – Shadow and Bone

W – World After

Diversity Bingo

Diversity Bingo

And finally. The one that is going to make you all unfollow me. Diversity Bingo. This is run by several people and they will be linked below.

Novel Paradise (Couldn’t Find)
Head in her Books
These Book Lions
The Books Buzz
Oh Brekker
Aimalfarooq (I hope this is right)
Bookworm Wanders
Theauslibrary (Couldn’t Find)

I have completed one of these. I have only read one book that works for Diversity Bingo. I’m sure that’s not true. I feel like that’s not true. If anyone can go through my GoodReads Challenge and see if any of those books fit the challenges, that would be so helpful.

 Black Main Character (Own Voices) – The Hate U Give

I hope you enjoyed this post even though I’m a failure. Please, recommend books for any of these challenges. I would love to check them out. I’ve been reading more so I still think I’ll be able to finish these challenges!

Happy Reading!


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Top 5 Hamilton Songs

Top 5 Hamilton Songs

This week’s T5W was another one that I didn’t feel like doing. But I wanted to do a top 5 post so I decided to talk about something I adore, Hamilton. I absolutely adore this musical.

This is not in any particular order. Of course I love all of the songs but these are just the top 5 that I adore more than the rest.


This is the first song that I listened to completely from Hamilton. I absolutely fell in love at that moment. This song is so catchy. It makes me want to sing along every single time.

It’s Quiet Uptown

This song kills me every time I listen to it. As a mother, I couldn’t imagine what they were going through with Philip. I cry every time this song comes on.

Say No To This

This one is a horrible story behind the song. But it’s so dang catchy!

The Schuyler Sisters

As most of these songs, it’s catchy. It’s motivational and, come on. The “sisters” are all wonderful singers.

Dear Theodosia

Another heart wrencher. I feel like the Working With Lemons video explains it perfectly. I recommend checking it out!

That’s about it. I hope you enjoyed! What are some of your favorite songs from Hamilton? And if you haven’t listened to them, do it and let me know your favorite musicals!

Happy Reading!


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Try A Chapter Tag – OwlCrate Edition

So, I have a habit of getting books from OwlCrate and not reading them. I’m horrible about this. I need to get better. So, I decided to help out with that, I’m going to do the Try A Chapter tag. I’m not sure who started this tag, but I would like to thank them. This is going to be so helpful!

I’m changing it up a bit and saying that as of right now, I’m not going to unhaul any of these books just yet. I like to give books at least 100pgs before I DNF them but like to make it until at least halfway. There are certain instances that I’ll DNF early but I don’t forsee these books having that issue as it’s mainly an issue I have with New Adult books.

I’ve already started a lot of these books. If I have, I’ll read a chapter wherever I am in the book. And I’ll let you know where I am so you know if I’ve already read the first chapter or not.

I’m currently starting this post on June 6th. I’m giving myself enough time to go through and read all of them because there’s a lot of books here. I’ll put the date I write the paragraph(s) after then “end” for that paragraph(s) so you can keep track of everything.

Let’s get into this!

Three Dark Crown by Kendare Blake


I did not get this in an OwlCrate but I do own it and haven’t read it so I’m counting it. That and because I keep thinking I got it from OwlCrate but I have to keep reminding myself I didn’t.

I’m currently on page 43 which was the beginning of Chapter 3. (June 6)

I finally got to read this chapter and I don’t know. It lost my interest several times. It should have been a good chapter but I just wasn’t into it. I’ve heard great things about the characters of this book. The sisters specifically. Usually you choose a side when it comes to stories like this but I’ve heard that you like all three sisters. We’ll see. (June 16)

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter


I got this book in October’s OwlCrate. I’m currently on page 34, which is part way through chapter 2. So I’ll finish chapter 2 and depending on how it is will decide if I read chapter 3. I’ll update after I read it! (June 6)

I finished chapter 2 of this. It wasn’t too bad. I want to continue reading. I’m curious what’s going to happen. (June 18)

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst


I got this book in December! I’m on chapter 3. So I’ll read chapter 3 and get back to you guys! (June 6)

I’d have to say, of the three that I’ve read so far, this is the one I’m most interested in. I finished chapter 3 and I wanted to continue. Not spoiling anything, I’m interested to see what happened at the end. And I’d also like to see what happens with everything else mentioned in this chapter. (June 18)

Roseblood by AG Howard


I got this book in January! I’m currently on chapter 2 (I told you I started a lot of them). I’ll read chapter 2 and get back to you! (June 6)

Nothing too interesting happened during chapter 2. We got a better look into her past and the relationship between the main character and her mom. I plan on continuing, though. (June 18)

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Finally! One I haven’t started. I got this one in February. I’ll read chapter 1 and return! (June 6)

This one was interesting. I ended up reading 2 chapters because the first was just short letters. But the second was interesting. Definitely caught my attention and I’m interested in continuing. (June 18)

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller


I got this one in March. I haven’t started this one either! So, you know the drill. (June 6)

This was interesting. I really like the main character. She’s interesting. I definitely look forward to finishing this book and moving onto the next. (June 19)

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli


I got this one April! I decided to include a photo of Eliza and Her Monsters and Upside because Eliza is the last book I recieved from OwlCrate but I have since finished it. I haven’t started Upside, though. I plan on reading it in June and by the time this goes up, I may have already done so. (June 6)

I am definitely looking forward to continuing this book. It caught my interest. I am interested in who she is going to fall in love with. (June 19)

I hope that you enjoyed this tag! Have you read any of these books and if so, what are your spoiler-free thoughts?

Happy Reading!


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US vs UK Covers

US vs UK Covers.jpg

This is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve done this before and you can read that one here!

These may not actually be the US and UK covers. It’s mainly just what is on Amazon vs Book Depository so I’m assuming. I hope this is correct.k

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


 A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab


A Long Way To A Small And Angry Planet by Becky Chambers


Paper Towns by John Green


I’d have to say for all of these I like the UK cover a bit more. There’s something about them all that just appeals to me. I’m going to leave it here. Which covers do you prefer?

Happy Reading!


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BookSwapathon TBR

Hi Book Lovers!

I decided that I really wanted to participate in this readathon (the second of the month so far). Jessica at JessicaMarie493 also wanted to do it when I told her about it. So, of course, we decided to do it together!

This is a readathon that is being held by Krista from BooksAndJams (see her announcement video here) and Derby from Derby_Lane Reading (see her announcement video here) on YouTube.

There are 5 challenges for this and I plan on taking a little twist on a couple of them. Let’s do this!

1. Swap a book with a buddy


This is the first one that Jessica and I took our own little twists on. We decided that instead of us sending each other and book and then we send it back, it would be cheaper for us to just send each other a book.

She sent me Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This is one of her favorite books and I have never read any Rainbow Rowell, let alone Fangirl. So I will be getting it read as soon as this readathon starts.

2. Swap a book at a thrift store or library (donate a book and leave with a different book)


I ended up going to a Little Free Library and swapping a few books out there. Out of the three books that I exchanged, I ended up choosing 113 Minutes by James Patterson. It’s a bookshot of his and I figure it’s a good thing to read to get through quickly. I’m not sure what it’s about.

3. Read a book you swapped out for another book (one you set down because a different one caught your interest)


I am going to finish reading Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. I started this when I first got it. It didn’t catch my interest at the time so I’m hoping that it will now.

This will play into the Emojiathon challenge of the peace sign. Reading a book that you’ve had forever and if you don’t like it, unhaul it. If I get halfway through this book and it still doesn’t catch my interest, then I’m going to unhaul it. I’m going to ask some opinions if I decide this about how I should go about that. You’ll be able to find that on my Instagram, so follow me there to see if I end up unhauling it.

4. Swap out format (if you normally read paperbacks, listen to an audiobook)

This is the other one that I’m putting a little twist on. I read every format. I don’t have a problem with any format. I use all of them depending on what I’m reading or where I’m reading. Check out my Reading Process post to learn more about that.

So I decided that I would read a manga. I love manga but I haven’t been reading them as much as I would like. This also leads into the next challenge so I’ll go more in depth after telling you about that.

5. Swap out genre (get out of your comfort zone)


I usually read a ton of shoujo manga. It’s not very often that I read any shounen type manga. After asking my husband which he’d recommend and looking through the apps I have, I decided I’ll read Fairy Tail. Now, Fairy Tail is way too long to be able to read in a one week span along with other books, so I’m only going to read the first volume. If I end up reading more, awesome. If not, I’m not worried.

I’m going to be reading this on my phone so it’ll technically be an eBook, also. I don’t read eBooks often but I would like to start more. So this will help me accomplish this.

So there you have it! My TBR for the BookSwapathon. Let me know if you’re participating and what you’re going to be reading!

Happy Reading!


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Top 5 Wednesday: Side Ships

This meme was created by Lainey from GingerReadsLainey and Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, both from YouTube.

You can join into the fun in the GoodReads group here.

I didn’t really enjoy last week’s topic and didn’t think that I would be able to give answers that I was 100% comfortable with. So I just skipped it and ended up doing something else for Wednesday.

Let’s just get into this.

This week’s topic is your favorite relationships between two characters who aren’t the protagonist!

These will be in no particular order. Just how I thought about them.

Be warned that this may contain a little bit of spoilers for side character relationships.

Orange by Ichigo Takano

IMG_0643(Photo linked to Amazon)

The first one I’d like to mention is from the manga Orange. I absolutely adored the relationship between Azusa and Saku. They were just meant to be together and they were adorable.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

(Photo Linked to Amazon)

I feel like I mention Twilight in every tag/meme I participate in. And I’ve fine with that. I have to say that I loved Paul and Rachel’s relationship. We don’t get too much of an insight into their relationship but it’s nice that there was one healthy relationship in that story (at least, from what I remember).



This one I’m chosing from the TV show Flash. There are so many adorable couples in this show. My favorite would have to be HR and Tracy. I don’t want to spoil anything outside of that. Just know, I love them.

Harry Potter by JK Rowling

(Photo linked to Amazon)

I’m going to cheat a bit here and use Harry Potter. I haven’t read too many books with memorable side character relationships. But I did love Ron and Hermoine. I knew that it was going to happen when I originally read this story because I was spoiled for it. So seeing the growth in their friendship into a relationship made me happy.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

IMG_0554(Photo linked to Amazon)

I have to say the last one (and my favorite) is definitely Nesta and Cassian. They are seriously perfect. I really hope that we can get a book following those two.

That’s about it. I don’t have much else to say. Who are some of your favorite side character ships? Make sure to put the title of the book first, then mention who it is as a way of spoiler warning.

Happy Reading!


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Tag Tuesday: The New Disney Princess Book Tag

I originally planned on doing this without even realizing I had been tagged to do this by, once again, Jessica at JessicaMarie493! You can read her answers here (and please do because I love all of them!)

Also, the pictures I included are from the artist Mimi on Tumblr. Go follow her blog. Her artwork is amazing.


  • Mention where you saw the tag/thank whoever tagged you
  • Tag me and Mandy with our posts so we can check out the wonderful Princess fun throughout the blog world (Mandy’s link & Zuky’s link)
  • Play a game of tag at the end!

I’m not going to be tagging anyone this time around.


Snow White

This Book (Like The Movie) Started It All

Favorite Debut Book From An Author

I will not ever hesitate to say Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. I adored this book so very much. And as I say every time I mention it, I can’t wait for the sequel, Hunting Prince Dracula to come out in September.

IMG_0608(Photo linked to Amazon)



A Diamond in the Rough

Just Like Cinderella, You Didn’t Expect Much Out Of This Character in the Beginning But They Turned Out To Be A Total Gem

I want to say so many people, but I generally figured that a lot of people who normally you wouldn’t expect much out of, would end up as a huge part of the story. So I’m just going to say a book that I didn’t have much faith in but I ended up loving it.

I’m sure this is surprising to everyone if they’ve followed my blog for a while (not).

It Had To Be You by Lizzy Charles

IMG_0605(Photo linked to Amazon)



Sleeping Beauty

A Book That Makes You Sleepy or Just Could Not Hold Your Attention

I ended up DNFing this book before I hit 50% which is my rule unless it has a relationship that is harmful mentally or physically. But that’s a whole different topic that I talked about in last week’s tag.

I don’t want to give my full review of this book not only because I DNFed it but also because I realized that I do not like scifi books about space or aliens. That’s why I haven’t written a review on Illuminae or Gemina. I didn’t like them and I truly believe that’s because I don’t like the genre. I do have mini-reviews on GoodReads.

The book that I am choosing for this question is All The Stars Left Behind by Ashley Graham.

(Photo linked to Amazon)



Under the Sea

A Book With A Water/Ocean Setting

This one was an easy one. Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. I haven’t read this yet but I am looking forward to getting around to it. I got this book from OwlCrate.

(Photo linked to Amazon)



Beauty and the Books

Name a Book With The Best Bookworm/Book Lover

I haven’t read any books with bookworms so I’m just going to say Hermoine. I’m not going to tag to Harry Potter or post a picture because everyone knows Harry Potter.



The Thief and the Princess

Name Book With An Unlikely Love Story (Either in Terms of Romance or a Book You Didn’t Expect To Love So Much)

I’d have to say I didn’t expect to love Cinder by Marissa Meyer as much as I did. Everyone says it’s one of their least favorites in the series. Maybe because I read it when I hadn’t read too many books, but I enjoyed it. And maybe because I haven’t read the rest of the books in the series. I’m excited to get around to them though.

(Photo linked to Amazon)



The Real Life Princess

Name a Book That Is Based on a Real Life Person You Want to Read/Have Read

I was going to go with one that I want to read but I’m going to go to mention two. The first I want to mention is Night by Elie Wiesel. I read this in high school and I think that it’s a very important read no matter what age you are. The second I would like to mention is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I have read half of this book and it’s definitely an eye opener even for someone who has done their research as a vegetarian.

(Photos linked to Amazon)



The Princess That Saved Her Country

Name the Fiercest Heroine You Know

I want to choose someone who isn’t a heroine! But I’m going to repeat an answer since I can’t help but to choose her!

Definitely Audrey Rose from Stalking Jack the Ripper. I absolutely adore her character.



The Princess With The Coolest Most Diverse Crew

Name a Diverse Books Whether it is a Diverse Set of Characters (Like Tiana’s Group of Naveen, Louis, Ray, and More) or Just Diverse In General

I have been horrible. I haven’t read too many diverse reads. I’m going to say Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo because it’s one of my most anticipated diverse reads.

(Photo Linked to Amazon)



Let Your Longgggg Hair Down

Name The Longest Book You’ve Ever Read

According to GoodReads, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the longest book that I’ve read.

6176667008_img_0199(Photo linked to Amazon)



I Determine My Own Fate

A Book Where There Is No Love Story/Interest or Isn’t Needed

I don’t read too many books that don’t have a love interest but the first one that popped into my head was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

5886881 (1).jpg
(Photo linked to Amazon)



Frozen Hearts

A Book in a Winter/Cold Setting

I’m not 100% sure if this is actually in a cold climate, but I know that Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson takes place during the school year, which is during the winter. So bam. I need to reread this book. I wasn’t in the right mindset the first time I read it so I didn’t like it at all.

(Photo is linked to Amazon)



How Far I’ll Go

A Character That Goes on a Journey

My husband chose this one. He chose The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

(Photo linked to Amazon)

Let me know some of your answers for any of these questions.

Happy Reading!


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My Reading Process

I’ve been debating doing this post for a while. And I was debating even more what to do in it. I tried organizing this in some way shape or form. I sat there are watched several other people’s videos on BookTube about this and saw how they set up theirs. I knew for a fact I wanted to include what makes me DNF a books and how I flag my books. So, let’s just get into this.

Favorite Reading Format

To start out, let’s talk about my favorite reading formats.

I read just about every format. I read physical books, eBooks and listen to audiobooks. It all depends on what I’m doing. My favorite way to read is definitely physical book. I love just sitting down with a physical book and reading. I also prefer hardcover books. They stay open and usually are aesthetically more pleasing.

Favorite Genre

Now, onto my favorite genre. I love to read contemporary and fantasy. I don’t enjoy sci-fi at all. I’ve given a lot of sci-fi a chance and I haven’t liked any of them really. Specifically space/alien stories. Those just aren’t for me. At least, not right now.

What I Do While Reading

I listen to music almost every time I’m reading. The only time I don’t listen to music is when I’m at home and my son and husband are sleeping. Usually, it’s at night during these times so no one around my apartment are awake. Therefore, it’s quiet inside and outside. Pure silence.

How do I listen to music while reading, you may ask just like everyone else? I listen to Kpop. I can’t listen to anything in English or with words. Now, sometimes Kpop does have some phrases in English, but that doesn’t distract me enough. I need to block everything out. Kpop does that. I’m too easily distracted. If I hear someone talking, I can’t focus on what I’m reading.

Where I Read

That brings us into where I read. I have 4 main places that I read which will also change which method I’m using.

At home, I usually don’t read unless my husband and son are both awake or both asleep. If they are both awake, I will lay down on my bed and read a physical book. I will have music playing but the door is open so my son can come running back into the room. In case you didn’t guess, I don’t get much reading done at home.

I also read at work on my breaks. I work 10pm to 7am with 3 breaks throughout the night: 15 minutes at midnight, an hour lunch at 2 or 3, then another 15 minutes at 5. I usually try to read at the very least on my first break and my lunch. That’s when I pop in some headphones, turn on the Kpop, and read my physical books. Because I work at Walmart, a lot of the time I end up going out on the floor to buy my lunch. So that leaves me about a half hour to read and eat my lunch after buying it and making it.

The third place that I read is while I’m working. I usually try to listen to audiobooks while I’m working. I haven’t really been listening to many recently, though.

The fourth place that I read is on the way to work and on the way home, which are completely different for me.

On the way to work, it’s dark. We go straight to work and meet my mom there so she can pick up my son. So, I don’t get much time to read but when I do read in the car, I end up reading on my Kindle. That’s usually when I get reading some of my arcs.

On the way home, we have to meet my mom at her work an hour after I get out then we bring a friend home before heading home ourselves. So normally that about an hour and a half to two hours in the car to read. I normally read my physical book but I’ve been trying to change that so I read on my Kindle so I have more time for my ARCs.

Now, I’d like to address how I can read in the car. I know a lot of people can’t because they are either driving or they get motion sickness.

I have double vision pretty badly. When I work my eyes too much (like looking around in the dark), it gets worse. I’ve had instances where I’ve thought that a car in a different lane driving the other direction was in our lane. So I can’t drive and can’t look out the windows. So, I read.

And before you ask, no glasses didn’t work and I don’t want to get the surgery because I’m sure it’ll be expensive and my cousin got it. She can feel the muscles behind her eyes pulling when she looks to the side. Yeah, I’ll pass.

And to address how I can read when straining my eyes makes it worse, good question. Maybe it’s just distance for me. I don’t really know. I’m not going to complain, though.

Now, back to my reading process.

How I Choose What To Read

I’m going to break this up into the different formats because it changes for each.

Physical Books

When I try to decide what to read in physical form, it all really depends on what I’m in the mood for. I have a TBR and I try to stick to it but it’s not rare for me to stray from it.


When it comes to reading on my Kindle, I don’t pay for anything that I read. I use BookBub, Kindle Unlimited (yes, I pay for that), and NetGalley for ARCs.

I try to keep my Kindle reading to quick easy contemporaries, though. I find it easier to read fantasy and other stuff in physical form.


This is pretty much just whatever I can find for free. I don’t go through a library right now so it’s whatever Kindle Unlimited has. I listened to the whole Penryn and the End of Days (or whatever it’s called) series on audio while I was working. I also listened to most of the Harry Potter series.

The only problem I seem to have is that out of the 3 books I’ve DNFed, 2 were audiobooks and I had the same issue with both. And I generally seem to give audiobooks lower ratings.

What Makes Me DNF a Book

I figured now would be a good time to get into what makes me DNF a book. There is one thing I would like to address and I addressed it in my review for Beautifully Damaged by LA Fiore.

I have a huge issue with the “overprotective male” trope. It drives me insane. I was able to push through one book that had that and it drove me insane that it wasn’t addressed and they still ended up together.

Alpha male is fine. That’s whatever. But when you try fighting because she’s friends with another guy, no. That’s not okay. If someone is harming her in anyway, fine. Have at it. That’s fine. But don’t try locking her away in your home.

I’m going to get into a little spoiler discussion about Sweet As Sin right now. I’ll have another line in bold, italics, and underlined where you can continue if you don’t want the spoilers.

Now, I had SEVERAL issues with this book. The main character even questioned how overprotective the guy was being. She knew it was unhealthy. But she still turned around and slept with him. No. That’s not okay. She even said that she was doing it to “get it over with.” No. Don’t do that. You should have left. You weren’t comfortable in the relationship. She should have just left. It wasn’t even halfway through the book that this happened. Like, no.

Okay, spoilers over! Keep reading below!

I think that this is a common trope in several books. It’s a huge issue for me and I think that’s why I don’t like a lot of adult romances.

Hardback Hoarder explained my thoughts perfectly about New Adult books in her Drunk Tag. Watch it here.

How I Flag My Books

Alright. Time to move on before that makes me really mad!

I love love love flagging my books. I started out by flagging Cinder by Marissa Meyer and I only used a couple. Picture below.

Then I most recently flagged A Court of Wings and Ruin and… Well, see for yourself… Below…

Now, time to explain what they all mean. I don’t know if Cinder had the same meanings but in ACOWAR, this is what they meant.

I buy my flags from Walmart and they come with 5 different colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange. I have each color representing it’s own thing.

Blue is anything that makes me sad. It doesn’t have to be an actually sad part of the book but if I felt sad or disappointed, then I pop in a blue flag.

Green is all the parts that made me laugh. Normally, it’s a legit LOL. In ACOWAR, it was definitely a legit LOL every time I put a green flag. A lot of them were screw yous to whoever it was to. But green is laughter.

Yellow is any part in the book that I find important like quotes or a part that I feel the need to talk about. That’s when I will write down either on a piece of paper, a flashcard, or in my phone whatever it is that I wanted to talk about. Normally those are things I want to include in my review.

Pink is whenever there’s a part that is romantic that hits me deep down in my soul. Well, anything that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to spoil something for ACOWAR but I’m not going to! Just know there was one part at the end that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Melted my ice cold heart. Just a bit though.

And orange. I used orange a lot in the beginning of ACOWAR. It’s parts that make me angry. If the character makes me want to slap them upside the head, they get an orange flag.

I originally didn’t have orange in my line up until ACOWAR. I knew that I would need it. A lot. And I realized that I loved these flags (pictured below, they don’t have them on their website) and they came with the 5 colors I needed. I believe I paid $1.27 for them. My store doesn’t usually have them in stock so I make sure to stock up whenever I get the chance.

I don’t really know what else to talk about on this topic so I will end it here. Do you flag your books? What colors do you use? If not, what’s your favorite format of reading?

Happy Reading!


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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

So, I had a different post planned for today but I didn’t have the information I needed so I scrapped the idea. I wasn’t going to post anything today. But then I remembered I wanted to do this tag! So, let’s get into this really quickly before I lay my son down for bed! I’m not sure who the creator of this is. I did it quick.

1. Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2017

I had a different option for this but then I saw the next question so I changed my answer for this one!

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Photo linked to Amazon

I loved this book so much. Everything about it. 5/5 stars. I didn’t write a review for this book because I personally didn’t think I would have been able to do it justice. I wouldn’t have been able to convey just how much I think everyone should read this book. Please, everyone read this book.

 2. Best Sequel You’ve Read so far in 2017

This was not even remotely difficult for me to choose.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

Photo linked to Amazon

I absolutely adored ACOMAF. I read ACOWAR but I did not like it nearly as much as I loved ACOMAF. You can read my full review of ACOMAF here and ACOWAR here. I warn you, I haven’t looked at my ACOMAF review since I wrote it. So I’m sure it’s a jumbled mess and just bad.

3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To

Can I just say all of them? Is that an option? I decided to go with one I already own to help limit the options.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

I’m writing this at almost 9pm so it’s dark out. I don’t have time to take pictures tomorrow before this goes up so I’m not going to include a picture. Since I don’t have the picture to link, you can purchase this book here.

4. Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year

Another easy one. I’ve been anticipating this book since October of last year.

Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

Photo linked to Amazon

Please, if you haven’t read Stalking Jack the Ripper, please read it! It’s the book that got me back into reading young adult and it makes me happy to just think about the fact that the sequel will be out in about 3 months!

5. Biggest Disappointment

A Court of Wings and Ruin. The pacing of this book just killed me. I could have had it done so much quicker if I just skipped the entire middle. And I wouldn’t have missed much. But that’s not to say I despised the book. I gave it 4 stars on GoodReads (Actual 3.75). I did have a lot of problems with it, though.

6. Biggest Surprise

It Had To Be You by Lizzy Charles

Photo linked to Amazon

7. Favorite New Author

I was going to say Lizzy Charles but I’m going to change it up. I’d have to say Francesca Zappia. I am currently buddy reading Eliza and Her Monsters with Donna from Mom’s Book Collection. We both absolutely love it.

Photo linked to Amazon

8. Newest Fictional Crush

I’m horrible about having fictional crushes. I read a lot of romance with swoon-worthy boys but they always end up in a relationship I don’t want to break up. As I was writing that, I thought of someone!

I would have to go with Jase from City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I just finished this book this morning and, um, what? I don’t know how to react to it. But I did love Jase.

You can buy City of Bones from Amazon here.

9. Newest Favorite Character

I’m going to have to mention Eliza and Her Monsters again. I absolutely adore Eliza. I relate to her so much! I feel like this book is my life.

10. Book That Made You Cry

Repeating another answer. The Hate U Give. I cried. This book was just so emotional. Still recommend it.

11. Book That Made You Happy

Orange by Ichigo Takano

Photo linked to Amazon

12. Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought So Far This Year (Or Recieved)

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

Photo linked to Amazon

13. What Books Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year?

I’m going to cheat and say all of them. I don’t think that far ahead. And I don’t stick to my TBRs so I’m not going to be holding myself accountable.

14. Favorite Book Community Member (Blogger, Booktuber and Bookstagrammer)

I’m going to mention a few of each of those! If I mention them in one category and they have another (like a Blogger has a Bookstagram), I won’t be linking to it but you should definitely check them out! I don’t know too many bloggers. Please, recommend some below!


Jessica Marie 493
Mom’s Book Collection
A Thousand Lives of Frankie Lovely


Books and Lala
Pages and Pens
Hailey in Bookland
Hardback Hoarder
Chelsea Dolling Reads
Problems of a Book Nerd
Super Space Chick


French Toast n Books
Dark Faerie Tales
Book Slayer Reads
Belinda Missen
Poodles Ponies Peonies
Library Looter
Critic Uncritical Bookworm

Bookish Shops:

Enchanted Fandoms
Otter Nonsense Designs
In A Paper Forest

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed. If you haven’t done this tag, you’re tagged!

Happy Reading!


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Books I Want To Read This Summer

A lot of these were in my June TBR but I’ll just talk about the books I want to get through this summer. I’m trying to promote myself more, because, well, why not? To help with this I’m only going to include pictures I have taken of these books. My Instagram is listed at the end!

All book titles with be linked to GoodReads.

Grisha Trilogy + Six of Crows

I’d like to read finish reading the Grisha Trilogy and read the Six of Crows duology both by Leigh Bardugo.

Shadow and Bone (Owned, Read)
Siege and Storm (Owned, Unread)
Ruin and Rising (Owned, Unread)

Six of Crows (Not Owned, Unread)
Crooked Kingdom (Owned, Unread)

So, I’m going to have to buy one book and read four so far.



I’d also like to get through the entire Selection series by Kiera Cass, or at the very least the first 3 books.

The Selection (Owned, Unread)
The Elite (Owned, Unread)
The One (Owned, Unread)
The Heir (Owned, Unread)
The Crown (Not Owned, Unread)

So, I have to buy one book and read five. That puts my count at 2 buys and 9 reads.


Eating Animals

I really want to get through the rest of Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I own this book and I have read half of it. So I’ve got 2 buys still and 10 reads.


Throne of Glass

I would like to start the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. I’ve read all of the ACOTAR series so I’m excited for the ToG series.

The Assassin’s Blade (Not Owned, Unread)
Throne of Glass
 (Owned, Unread)
Crown of Midnight (Not Owned, Unread)
Heir of Fire (Not Owned, Unread)
Queen of Shadows (Owned, Unread)
Empire of Storms (Owned, Unread)

Now my count is up to 5 buys and 16 reads. This is getting very ambitious already.


Vampire Academy

I would also like to read a couple books of the Vampire Academy series. There’s a readathon going on that’s run by The Book Pusher (watch her announcement video here) and CarolineReads (watch her announcement video here)

Vampire Academy (Owned, Read)
Frostbite (Owned, Unread)
Shadow Kiss (Owned, Unread)
Blood Promise (Owned, Unread)
Spirit Bound (Owned, Unread)
Last Sacrifice (Owned, Unread)

Still at 5 buys but up to 21 reads. Yeah. This isn’t going to happen without some audiobooks. xD

(Photo linked to Amazon)

 Lunar Chronicles

And lastly, I would like to get through the rest of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

Cinder (Owned, Read)
Scarlet (Owned, Unread)
Cress (Owned, Unread)
Fairest (Owned, Unread)
Winter (Owned, Unread)

And final score, 5 books I have to by and 26 I have to read. Someone save me.

(Photo linked to Amazon)

This was a quick little post but I hope that you enjoyed it. Let me know if you’ve read any of these.

Happy Reading!


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