Book Swapathon Wrap Up

Book Swapathon Wrap Up

I cheated. I’m going to say that now. I read for an extra day. I used Sunday to finish up. So because of this, I read 6 books this week. But I’m only counting 3 toward this. And I didn’t even finish all the challenges! Let’s just get into this. 

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

I decided to read this book as my switched genre. I’m not usually one for reading shounen manga, or “man” manga. I use that very loosely. I don’t know if this is technically Shounen or not but hey. I counted it. 

I am iffy about this. It wasn’t for me. It didn’t catch my attention at all. 

Justice League vs Suicide Squad by Joshua Williamson 

I got an arc of this comic from NetGalley and D.C. Comics for my honest review. This comes out June 27th, 2017. 

I read this one for the swapped “method” of reading. I don’t usually read comics. I don’t usually read comics but I’d like to read more. 

I enjoyed this but it wasn’t anything spectacular for me. I wasn’t excited to continue reading but I didn’t dread picking it up. 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I used this book as the book I swapped with a buddy. To finish this book is why I cheated and took an extra day. I needed to include this. 

I loved this book. It was good. Enjoyable. Just what I’m looking for in a summer read. I wish the pacing was a bit faster, though. I was always waiting to see what big thing happened but nothing really came for me. Well, a couple things did but not every time I was anticipating it. Either way, it was an enjoyable for me. 

I will be discussing the other books in my wrap up for June. I have read a lot this month so I hope you enjoy my wrap up when it goes up either next week or the week after. 

Happy Reading!

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BookSwapathon TBR

Hi Book Lovers!

I decided that I really wanted to participate in this readathon (the second of the month so far). Jessica at JessicaMarie493 also wanted to do it when I told her about it. So, of course, we decided to do it together!

This is a readathon that is being held by Krista from BooksAndJams (see her announcement video here) and Derby from Derby_Lane Reading (see her announcement video here) on YouTube.

There are 5 challenges for this and I plan on taking a little twist on a couple of them. Let’s do this!

1. Swap a book with a buddy


This is the first one that Jessica and I took our own little twists on. We decided that instead of us sending each other and book and then we send it back, it would be cheaper for us to just send each other a book.

She sent me Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This is one of her favorite books and I have never read any Rainbow Rowell, let alone Fangirl. So I will be getting it read as soon as this readathon starts.

2. Swap a book at a thrift store or library (donate a book and leave with a different book)


I ended up going to a Little Free Library and swapping a few books out there. Out of the three books that I exchanged, I ended up choosing 113 Minutes by James Patterson. It’s a bookshot of his and I figure it’s a good thing to read to get through quickly. I’m not sure what it’s about.

3. Read a book you swapped out for another book (one you set down because a different one caught your interest)


I am going to finish reading Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. I started this when I first got it. It didn’t catch my interest at the time so I’m hoping that it will now.

This will play into the Emojiathon challenge of the peace sign. Reading a book that you’ve had forever and if you don’t like it, unhaul it. If I get halfway through this book and it still doesn’t catch my interest, then I’m going to unhaul it. I’m going to ask some opinions if I decide this about how I should go about that. You’ll be able to find that on my Instagram, so follow me there to see if I end up unhauling it.

4. Swap out format (if you normally read paperbacks, listen to an audiobook)

This is the other one that I’m putting a little twist on. I read every format. I don’t have a problem with any format. I use all of them depending on what I’m reading or where I’m reading. Check out my Reading Process post to learn more about that.

So I decided that I would read a manga. I love manga but I haven’t been reading them as much as I would like. This also leads into the next challenge so I’ll go more in depth after telling you about that.

5. Swap out genre (get out of your comfort zone)


I usually read a ton of shoujo manga. It’s not very often that I read any shounen type manga. After asking my husband which he’d recommend and looking through the apps I have, I decided I’ll read Fairy Tail. Now, Fairy Tail is way too long to be able to read in a one week span along with other books, so I’m only going to read the first volume. If I end up reading more, awesome. If not, I’m not worried.

I’m going to be reading this on my phone so it’ll technically be an eBook, also. I don’t read eBooks often but I would like to start more. So this will help me accomplish this.

So there you have it! My TBR for the BookSwapathon. Let me know if you’re participating and what you’re going to be reading!

Happy Reading!


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